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GSM Unlocked Phones

GSM unlocked phones are known for their Global System for Mobile (GSM) network that allows mobile users to access multiple cellular phone service providers’ networks easily and conveniently. Now, get rid of sticking to a particular network service provider and a country and find a new one phone with unlocking technology suiting your choice and preference. Enriched with a lot of specifications and enhanced features, these phones allow end users pay only for the local cell phone usage when they travel to the different parts of the world.

At Sam Stores, we know the utility and relevance of these unlocked phones for our customers and provide them a wide and exhaustive range of phones from all established and reputed brands such as Sharp, Acer, HP, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic and Samsung at the best price tag that is tough to beat. Make this holiday season more colorful and special for you by having a phone of your choice from our online purchasing with a price tag that ensures value for money to the customers.

Why You Need to Buy an Unlocked Cellular

There are many benefits that you enjoy when you unlock cellular. Cell phones purchased from wireless operators come with carrier locks. Even if you do not purchase your device from the operator directly but from a retailer, it will most probably have a carrier lock. This is usually the case regardless of whether you purchase the cellular with a two-year contract and subsidy or if you purchase it at a full retail price.

Basically, cellular phones that do not have these carrier locks are the unlocked cellular phones. As such, it is important to conduct some research first before purchasing your cell phone. Find out whether the phone that you want to purchase is unlocked and where the unlocked version of the phone that you want can be found. Always bear in mind that paying a full price for a device is not a guarantee that it is unlocked.

How to unlock cellular

The process of unlocking a cellular phone is complex and time-consuming for individuals who are not IT experts and specialists in the field of unlocking cell phones. This is because a carrier lock is a software code that the manufacturer puts in the phone according to the carrier’s requirements. This lock is aimed at ensuring that the cellular phone is used in the network provided by the operator only until when another software code is put in the phone to unlock it.


Nevertheless, if you have a locked cell phone, do not worry because you can have it unlocked by experts. There are experts who will enable you to perform the task of unlocking a cellular within minutes. With experts’ help this task becomes easier and you can perform it from the convenience and comfort of your home. This implies that you will not wait for weeks to receive the unlocking code or spend a fortune on the service. You will get the unlocking code sent to your device within minutes.


Avoid the hassle

Instead of having to endure all the struggles of unlocking your cellular, it is advisable that you purchase an unlocked cell phone. Such a cell phone is easy to use and you will not have to look for an expert to help you in unlocking it. You will be able to use your cellular in sending and receiving messages as well as making calls using any SIM card once you purchase it.

Currently, you can find unlocked cell phones for different brands online. Therefore, avoid the hassle of having to unlock a locked cellular and instead purchase an unlocked cellular.

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