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220 Volts Chop Saws / Cut-Off Saws

220 Volts Chop Saws, Cut Off Saws

220 volts chop saws and cut off saws are usable in precision cutting for wood, metal, stone, and other tough materials. The main benefit of these chop saws is that they can be used nearly everywhere in the world where 220 volts sockets are the standard use. This makes a lot of sense if you are in construction or metal works and you have to take up jobs in different regions. With these chop saws you can simply get to work without having to buy a separate chop saw for each region. Other models can also be operated on 230V-240V, 50-60 Hz power supply for wider use.

Not only are the 220 volts chop saws and cut off saws the best in precision cutting but they also stand out with a unique angled cutting allowance. The rotation blades on these chop saws can be moved in either direction up to 45 degree angle cuts. Another specification that puts these chop saws above the rest is their thin blades that limit the amount of material damage during cutting.

Each of the 220 volts chop saws include body grip handles that allow one-hand use as well as stability for error-free cutting. Sturdy grip also allow you to control cutting without enormous force application on the handle. These chop saws operate via 1,600V- 2,400V power outage depending on the specific chop saw model. This is high power outage is the reason why you can cut through upwards of 110mm piping in one easy stroke. For thick metal cutting, a 300mm diamond disk diameter ensures a wide range of applications in construction. Disk sizes are up to 16’’ which are suitable for industrial use while lower disk diameters in other chop saws can be purchased by the home user.

220 volts chop saws rank higher in safety than other standard chop saws. Featured in the design on the 200 volts chop saws is a safety switch lock to secure the blade when it is not in use. There is also a spark protection feature that keeps your eyes safe during metal cutting. Softer load speed also ensures limited power surge and any user harm once the chop saws have been turned on. This initial soft speed also prevents any damage to parts as a result of start-up torque. Among the 220 volts chop saws that are on sale are portable models that can be secured safely for easy transportation.