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Plug Adapters and Cables

Plug Adapters and Cables


To run all household electronic equipment and instruments, it is necessary that household electric current should be adapted from high voltage (100 to 240 volts AC) to low voltage. That is why plug adapters and cables are responsible for converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) in all consumer electronic products. We, at Sam Stores, understand the utility and relevance of phone jack and plug adapters for our new and existing customers and offer them high quality and customized adapters so that they can make their electronic products run smoothly and safely. Our travel converters and laptop power supply products are also meant for sending adequate power supply to electronic household products.


We are known for our customer services and ensure the delivery of ordered product within 24 hours.  We are able to complete most of the orders delivered to any of the 48 US states in just 3-7 business days!

Questions that You Need to Ask when Buying a European Adapter

If you are traveling to a foreign country, you most probably need a European adapter. This is because you will need power for your appliances or electronic devices while abroad. Different countries have varying electrical systems. Sockets in those countries also differ. For instance, the electrical systems in Europe are different from those of Canada and the United States.

Since you may want to charge different electrical devices while abroad, you need a good adapter to convert the plug configuration of that country to suit those of the European country where you come from. Perhaps, you might be planning to travel outside the country and you want to purchase adapters for your electronics or appliances.

Here are questions that you might be asking:

How many adapters do I need?

The number of adapters that you need to buy before commencing your journey depends on the number of electrical devices that you will be using while abroad. Most hotel rooms have two or three power outlets only. As such, you should consider this as well while deciding on the number of adapters to purchase.

Where can I buy a European adapter?

Several online outlets that sell appliances and electrical devices sell this adapter too. They are also available in travel shops and department stores. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you purchase your adapter from a reputable outlet.

Is a voltage converter necessary when using the adapter?

This depends on the region where you purchase the electrical device that you intend to use with the adapter. If the countries that you are traveling to have voltage that is roughly similar to that of your country, you may not need a voltage converter. Most contemporary electrical devices come with the ability to handle different voltages. Nevertheless, you should consider the voltage capacity of the device to determine whether they need a voltage converter. Nevertheless, most appliances and electronics will run on a voltage that is between 110 and 240 volts.

In Ireland and UK as well as the other parts of Europe, the official voltage is 230. Europe also operates on 2 pronged outlets apart from Ireland and UK which operate on 3 pronged outlets. This implies that if you intend to travel through Ireland and UK, you will require a good adapter. Therefore, find out about the power systems, voltage and outlets of the country that you intend to visit or stay in during your trip to Europe before purchasing a European adapter.

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