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220 Volts Projection Screens

220V Projection Screens

Projection screens complement the use of projectors thus making it easy to show case videos, presentations or images to a large group of people. They can be used in lecture halls, conference rooms as well as entertainment joints. To make your presentations easy you should consider having a 220V projection screen which comes in various sizes just like TV screens; whatever size of projection screen you choose will require you to adjust your projectors aspect ratio so that the presentation fits well within the projection screen.

These projection screens are only fit for use in outlets where power supply is 220V and cannot be used in the US. They can be fitted permanently or can be erected using stands and stored once the presentation is over. Some come in cases that the screen is rolled out of and fixed on a bracket and once the presentation is over the screen is rolled back into the case.  The screens come in two colors, either grey or white as this prevents discoloration of the image thereby ensuring image or video quality is maintained.

The fixed frame projection screens are ideal and offer the user a high level of uniform tension thereby guaranteeing optimal quality. Businesses also have the option to choose projection screens that can be switched into options such as clear and opaque with the former allowing the presentation to be viewed from both sides of the screen. Those that can be switched to opaque are ideal for presentations made where there is a large group of people to make it easy for viewing so the crowd is not far from the screen.

The projection screens have a varied margin along the edges of the screen thus creating a boundary which makes it easy for viewing. The projection screens are available very light and can be easily carried from one room to another where a presentation is to be made. These screens are ideal for both personal and office use and can be used at home to entertain guests at home.

These projection screens can be mounted on walls or ceiling and be easily retracted thereby saving much space. The black margins on the projection screen absorb the excess overspray of light often produced by many projectors.

The 220 volt projection screens are ideal for any business that has regular board or departmental meetings where presentations are common.