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220 Volts Crock Pot/ Slow Cooker

220 Volt Crock-pot or Slow Cooker

A 220-Volts slow cooker is an ideal appliance for your kitchen. You can use it for making soups and stew, or for baking. This product is applicable in areas with 220-240 volts electrical outlet as well as in ships or boats with the same voltage outlet range.

Many people have different reasons why they may need a new slow cooker. If you have an old one, you may think of buying a new one to replace the old one. Alternatively, if you do not own one currently, you can a new slow cooker to grace your kitchen. While each person has a personal taste about what she wants for her kitchen, the following guidelines can help you get the best crock-pot.

Consider the number of people you will serve

The number of people you serve determines the size of the appliance you buy. A four-quart slow cooker can easily feed two people with a left over for the following day. If your household has three members, then you can buy a three and a half quart cooker. For a family of between four and six members, a five-quart size slow cooker is ideal. Selecting the right size enables you to buy what you need without spending more on a bigger size that you may not need or buying one too small to meet your needs.

Shape of the cooker

Slow cookers are available in round or oval design. Especially if you want to cook bread in a loaf pan, you need an oval-shaped slow cooker because the pan will fit well and come out easily from the cooker. Round cookers while inexpensive, are most ideal for making soup and stews, but not for baking. Choose your appliance based on the intended function.

Manual or programmable?

Manual slow cookers are less expensive compared to programmable models. The programmable models have control features that allow them to switch automatically to warm for a time you specify. These models are ideal if you often come home late or your schedule is unpredictable.


If you are a family of two or three, you can invest in 11/2 to 2 quart slow cookers because they are relatively cheaper. With such models, you can be able to make your breakfast or make a cup of beans occasionally. As a consumer, you try to minimize cost without compromising the quality of the product.

If you plan to buy a slow cooker soon, consider the points mentioned above and you are likely to land a dependable appliance to serve your needs in the kitchen.