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220 volts Split Air Conditioner

With the increasing temperature, it becomes just impossible to live without air conditioner. And if you have less space to install a heavy window AC due to less living space, it is best to go for a 220 volt split air conditioner. A 220 volt split air conditioner is a compact form of AC which needs very less space for installation. It does not need more space for installation.  

With the evolution of technology and awareness about health care, people think to install best split air conditioners. The split AC circulates purified air which is good for health and safe for your family. 220 volt split air conditioners are energy savers and do not give extra burden on your pocket. These models are cheaper in rates, easy to install, aesthetically more pleasing and provide better air distribution.

At Sam Stores, you get a chance to choose from a wide range of 220 volt split air conditioners. Here you will get AC of different capacities. You can select according to the requirement of your room. The power consumption of split Ac is also low and you have option to select according to star rating. The air conditioners you will get from our store are totally authentic and certified. Beat the heat with the split air conditioner and enjoy the hot weather at affordable price by ordering a 220 volt split air conditioner from Sam Stores.

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Hot summer days can be very stuffy and uncomfortable. To make your life relaxed and comfortable during hit summer months, Sam Stores bring you the choicest of 220 volt split air conditioners at affordable prices. With us, you can buy split conditioners from leading brands like Carrier, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, and Multistar. Before investing in a 220 volt split air conditioner, you should do quick comparison between the various split AC models. At Sam Stores, you will find 220 volt split air conditioners in different capacities, efficiency levels, energy ratings and speed settings. Also make sure you have a good reading of your room size before placing the order with us.