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220 Volts Fax Machines

220 Volts Fax Machines

Fax machines are ideal for sending or receiving images to or from business associates without having to attach the images in questions on e-mails. A fax machine is also ideal when there is no internet connection as it simply digitizes the image then sending it over the telephone lines to the fax line of the recipient.

Fax machines have been in existence for a while now and are ideal for small business. The 220 volts fax machines can only be used in countries where power supply to outlets is 220V, 50Hz thus these devices cannot be used in the US.  They are however very common in offices across the globe as they provide a reliable, fast and inexpensive method of transmitting notes, illustrations and correspondence.

Each fax machine has a scanner that digitizes the image on a piece of paper, a printer which prints out any incoming fax as well as a telephone to make the connection. Some of the printers on the fax machine may require a special kind of paper as they are thermal; however, this depends on the model type and manufacturer of the fax. The quality produced by the scanner in the fax machine may in some cases not be as high as those produce in standalone scanners.

When selecting which 220 volts fax machine to buy for office use you need to consider the following factors:

  • Printer type. As stated above thermal printers may require special paper type which in most cases may not be easily available. The special paper also tends to discolor after some duration which may distort the information on the paper.
  • Speed. The speed of your fax machine determines how fast a page of data is transmitted.
  • Paper size.  Different 220 volt fax machines support different paper sizes thus you need to determine the paper size you will be using in your organization so as to make an informed decision.
  • Paper feed. There are 220 volts fax machines that have paper feeds which allow you to documents that have several pages without waiting for each page to be sent for you to feed in the next page.
  • Autodialing. Each fax machine has a dialing feature with other allowing you to save a data and set it at a time that you have programmed.

The 220 volts fax machines are available in different sizes with most being small and easily portable thus do not take up much office space.