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Whats are diffrent system?What is PAL? What is NTSC? What is SECAM?

Most countries of the world use TV Standards that are incompatible with other countries. For example, a video recording made in the Germany could not be played back on a American standard VCR or shown on the American TV. You can read more about this topic and its solutions on our FAQs page. There are three main world standards and the rest are minor branches of these main systems. The systems are NTSC, PAL, SECAM. The charts below give a description of each standard and the technical variations within them.

Which is sometimes misspelled as NSTC. The first color TV broadcast system was implemented in the United States in 1953. This was based on the NTSC (National Television System Committee) standard. NTSC is used by many countries on the American continent as well as many Asian countries including Japan. NTSC runs on 525 lines/frame.

The PAL (Phase Alternating Line) standard was introduced in the early 1960's and implemented in most European countries except for France. The PAL standard utilizes a wider channel bandwidth than NTSC which allows for better picture quality. PAL runs on 625 lines/frame.

The SECAM (Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire or Sequential Color with Memory) standard was introduced in the early 1960's and implemented in France. SECAM uses the same bandwidth as PAL but transmits the color information sequentially. SECAM runs on 625 lines/frame and is mainly used in France for broadcasting. DVDs in France are in PAL format. VHS tapes after 2002 are also PAL format.

What are Pal, NTSC, and Secam?

There are several different and incompatible video formats in use around the world. Video broadcasts and recorded material in the USA will not play on equipment in Europe, for example - and vice versa!

NTSC (National Television System Committee)

Color system currently used in North America. All TVs sold in the USA and Canada that are not purchased from a specialty Multi System store such as us, are NTSC. NTSC is not compatible with other color systems such as Pal or NTSC. This means that if you would like to play a Pal or Secam DVD movie on a NTSC TV, it will come in black and white and the picture will scroll. You will not be able to see a viewable image on the TV. Also if you would like to take an NTSC TV to another country in Europe, Asia, or Africa, it will not work. There are ways of making it work by purchasing a Pal to NTSC converter as well as a voltage converter. This would normally cost over $300 by the time you are done, so it may not be worth it for some TVs. If you are interested in doing something like this please call one of our sales advisors at (847) 640-9000 or (877) 578-0587 toll free. The TVs that we carry are Multi system and support all the TV standards including Pal, NTSC, and Secam. So if you purchase one of our TVs they will work anywhere in the world.

Pal (Phase Alternation by Line)

Color system currently used in Europe, Asia, Africa and many other places outside North America. This system is also not compatible with any of the others. So if you brought a Pal TV with you from overseas it will probably not work here in the USA.

Secam (SÉquentiel Couleur À Mémoire")

Color system currently used mainly in France. This system is also not compatible with any of the others.

Note: We do offer video converters that will allow you to convert from one TV system to another, however the best picture quality is obtained only by buying a multi system TV. Normally if you are viewing Pal DVD movies in the USA, our DVD players do have very good video converters built in so you do not need to purchase a Multi system TV. However if you are wanting to use a TV overseas, it is recommended to purchase a multi system TV. Please call one of our Sales advisors if you have any questions

Need to use my American NTSC TV overseas in Pal System

In order to use your American LCD, LED, Plasma or any other TV in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia or in PAL Country.
You need 2 things
1- Video converter
A video converter is a device/software that will change/convert one video format to another. Our speciality is video conversion between the World Wide Video formats PAL, NTSC, SECAM. Our PAL NTSC SECAM video converters will convert one video system to another video system. Customer use them for various reasons.
When you want to use NTSC Video equipment (like a US format TV) in a PAL Country (like Ghana, Nigeria, Germany, UK, Australia, etc) you need a PAL to NTSC Converter. A PAL to NTSC Video Converter is a device that takes PAL (Euro, Asia, Africa, South America, etc.) input, processes the signal and changes it to NTSC (US, Canada, Mexico, Japan) output for viewing on your NTSC TV. For example, if you have a NTSC TV you bought here in the US and want to use it in the UK. Our PAL to NTSC Converter will take the PAL UK Signal and change it to NTSC for viewing on your NTSC TV. Another example, if you have a PAL Video Camera you bought in Hong Kong and now want to use it on an American TV. The most common use is for that LCD or Plasma TV you bought at Costco, Best Buy, etc. and took it to a PAL country like India, Germany, UK, Australia. Now you need a PAL to NTSC Video Converter, like our CMD-RF1080p, for sure.

2- Voltage Transfomer
A voltage converter is a device that can be used to convert electricity from 220 volts to 110 volts or 110 volts to 220 volts

Voltage Transfomer Buying Guide

---Step Down Voltage Transfomers ---

Step Down voltage converters are used to step down electricity in countries that use 220 volts, 230 volts, or 240 volts. These voltage converters will step the electricity down to 110 volts so you can use electronics and appliances from North America that are 110 volts in countries that have 220, 230 or 240 volts electricity such as Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. These converters are perfect for international travel as well as international relocation.

They are also very commonly used by companies that are selling products that are 110 volts into the 220 volts markets. Step down voltage converters are available in many sizes and types. The sizes are measured by the max load they can handle. More info on this is below. Many models below are two-way voltage converters which means they will step up and step down voltage.

----Step Up Voltage Converter:-----

Step up voltage converters are exactly the opposite of step down voltage converters. All the step up voltage converters we carry also work for step down. The can be used both ways, to step up voltage from 110 volts to 220 volts, and also to step down voltage from 220 volts to 110 volts. Step up voltage converters are great for people that have relocated to the USA or are traveling to the USA from Europe, Asia, Middle East or Africa. Step up voltage converter models are sold in many different sizes as well. We also offer a few different types. Please see the instructions below on how to select the correct converter as well as a comparison chart of the various step up voltage converters we carry. Please note that the two-way converters below will step up voltage and also step down voltage meaning they can be used as a step up voltage converter as well as a step down voltage converter.

voltage converter for international relocation, deployment, or travel now available.
Newest design and best voltage converter whcih has 5 Year Limited warranty and is CE approved.

We carry three types of voltage converters / transformers and two types of voltage converters with a built in regulator. Reading through the brief descriptions will help you choose which one you need. All voltage converters and transformers are available in different Watts. We carry both step up and step down models. Perfect for international relocation and international travel to use foreign electronics in the USA or USE 110 volt electronics from USA overseas. Please contact us at 847-2901718 for any questions regarding which transformer is suitable to use in a given country or with a given product.

We carry everything you will need for an international move, relocation, or deployment. We have Multi system Pal/NTSC TVs, VCRs, DVD players, GSM Phones, and much much more.

Please remember that the terms "voltage converter", "voltage transformer", and "power transformer" all mean the same thing.

Voltage Converters - Voltage Transformers 110 volts, 220 volts, 230 volts 240 volts for use anywhere in the world. Over 100,000 units sold. Used all over the world for international travel, international relocation, yachts, military deployment, and many other applications. We have the must durable, reliable voltage converters available.

How To Find the Watts On Your Appliance So That You Can Select the Correct Transformer

What is Multisystem TV?

Multisystem TV 's are all compatible with video systems from any country including NTSC, Pal, and Secam. These TVs are the perfect option for International customers that have relocated to the USA or are Relocating outside the USA. We can offer an International relocation consultation and set you up with everything you will need for your International move outside the USA. Generally speaking, purchasing a multi system TV from us will be less expensive than purchasing that same TV in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, etc. Also we have a larger selection of TVs than you will find in most countries.

The TVs we sell can be used anywhere in the world. They support all formats including Pal, NTSC, and Secam. Multisystem LCD and Plasma TVs are 110-220 volts and can be used in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and any other place in the world. Perfect for International Relocations. We also offer Multi system Home theater systems as well as code free DVD players, and region free portable DVD players on our website. They are compatible with any VCR or TV for viewing anywhere in the world. All televisions are NTSC, Pal, and Secam and 110-240 volts. They can be used anywhere in the world.

Please choose what kind of Multi System TV you are looking for. Also don't forget to see our weekly special promotional offers! We understand that you have other options when choosing for a Multi system TV vendor. Our goal is to offer you the best service, knowledgeable customer service, at the best possible price. We will explain what Plasma, LED, LCD, or HDTV will work best for you, and why. If you already have a TV, we will try to provide you with the necessary equipment to use it overseas. We don't want to sell you something and be done with it like our competition. We want to help you buy something and thus earn your business. Please call us before you buy elsewhere and tell us how we can earn your business. We promise to provide the best possible customer service, the largest variety of products for Multi System customers, as well as the best possible prices.

I just moved to the USA for a temporary period of time and want to buy a TV that will work here, and that I can take with me when I move back. What can I use?

Buying a Multi System TV will be your best option in this situation because you will be able to take it overseas with you when you move back. Also the Multi System TVs we sell in the USA are usually much cheaper than those available overseas. So if you purchase your TV here, you will be able to get a better, cheaper model and take that back with you. Also, normally duties and taxes in Europe are only on new items, so if you have used the TV here in the USA before moving, you will probably not have to pay as much in taxes.

DVD players & VCRs: I want to be able to play foreign videos and DVDs

If you are not going to be taking your TV overseas, but you just want to be able to play DVD and VHS movies that are Pal or a different region here in the USA you should consider purchasing a Code Free DVD Player that has a built in Pal to NTSC converter. We have many models to choose from on our Region Free DVD Player category page. If you are also wanting to Play Pal VHS movies, you should look into a DVD/VCR combo or a VCR and a External video converter.

TV Tuner: What is it and do I need one?

A TV tuner is a card in the TV that allows you to change channels. TV tuners also have different systems around the world: Pal, NTSC, and Secam. Pal M and Pal N are tuners that are used in South America. A tuner's function is to capture your signal through your antenna or a cable service and turn it into a video signal your TV can read. It allows you to change channels on your TV to the channel you want to watch. TV tuners are also in devices such as DVD recorders, VCRs, cable boxes, satellite receivers, etc. Modern day applications usually involve the use of a satellite receiver or a cable box to receive TV channels. Thus, A TV tuner is normally not utilized in these application. However if you have an old fashioned TV connection where you are receiving channels from a roof antenna or your cable company will not provide you a cable box, you will need a TV tuner. If the TV you purchase does not have one, you can use a VCR or a DVD recorder instead. However 99% of the modern day applications do not require you to use the TV tuner as there is already one in the cable box, HD cable box, DVR box provided by your cable company, or they utilize the satellite receiver used with satellite dish applications which are used as a tuner. The short answer is if you will be subscribing to a cable or satellite service, you probably do not need a tuner in your TV.

Region codes in Bluray and DVD players

Region Codes Explained

The DVD Region system is used to control which DVD movies play on which DVD Players. The DVD regions are broken down as follows:

DVD Region Codes

Region 1---
USA & Canada

Region 2----

Europe & Japan

Region 3---|

South East Asia

Region 4----|

Latin America & Australia

Region 5---- |

Russia, Rest of Asia and Africa

Region 6----|



International Venues, Cruise Ships, Planes, etc.

---------Blu-ray Region Codes---------

Region A----


Americas, East and South East Asia

Region B----


Europe, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, French teritories, Greenland

Region C----


Central and South Asia; Mongolia, Russia, and People's Republic of China.

What does all this 'DVD region coding' mean? This means that DVD movies from DVD Region 1 (USA & Canada) WILL NOT play on a DVD player regions 2-6. Effectively Region 1 DVD discs play only on Region 1 DVD players, Region 2 DVD discs play only on Region 2 DVD players and so on.

Why are there 6 DVD regions?
Movies are released on DVD at different times around the world, typically America and Canada first, Australia and Japan 6 months later, and Europe 12 months after US release. In some instances, DVD movies are available for purchase in America and Canada before they are released in European cinemas.
Due to the high quality of DVD and the movie release system used by Hollywood, 5 regions were established to prevent people from watching Region 1 movies before they were released on Regions 2-6.
DVD Censorship between countries also plays a part, another reason for DVD region coding.

What can I do to solve this problem?
Samstores specializes in Region Free DVD Players and Region Free Blu-ray Players that play DVD and Blu-ray movies from DVD Regions 1 thru 6 and Blu-Ray Regions 1, 2 and 3. Guaranteed 100%, giving you the freedom to watch any DVD movie, censored or uncensored, without having to wait up to 12 months for the official release in your country.

How do you make a DVD player region free / multi-region / Code-Free?
Our custom chipping process ensures your DVD or Blu-ray player plays every region disc available, using our custom DVD Region chip design. Our qualified technical staff modify and test your DVD player 100% with all DVD and/or Blu-ray egions before leaving our warehouse.

What if the movie studios put a DVD region protection system into the movie disc?
The DVD region protection system, 'RCE' was introduced 8 years ago, and all our DVD players play RCE discs 100%. So far no other 'new' protection system is possible other than RCE due to the way the DVD region format works. Our players play all protected 'RCE' DVD discs.

Enjoy the freedom that Samstores offers, the freedom to watch any DVD movie from anywhere, Code-Free / Region Free!
Our DVD and Blu-ray Players play all movies from all regions, Guaranteed for Life!