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220 volts Treadmills

Achieve your fitness goal with 220 volt treadmill. This useful exercise machine will help you burn calories, lose weight and maintain a slim-trim physique. 220 volt treadmill is the right choice as it offers you a lot of convenience. You no longer have to run to a fitness center outdoors in excessively cold, hot or rainy weather. This treadmill allows you to enjoy walking or running while watching TV at home. It is an advanced treadmill which will give you fast results. It is equipped with wheels for easy transportation.

 If you have a busy schedule with no time for fitness club, then look no further than our exclusive range of 220 volt treadmills.  A 220 volt treadmill will be an easy way to maintain a new level of fitness. At Sam Stores, we have treadmills from top brands including Multistar and EWI. Our 220 volt treadmills come with safety features and are equipped with handles and hand grips to help support you. They are sturdy, stable and deliver smooth walking and running action for your workout. At our exclusive store, you will find the best treadmill for your work out.