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220-240 Volts Power Back Up Unit-UPS


You rely on many electrical appliances and systems in your home and work place for your health, comfort and security. Almost all the appliances depend completely on utility-supplied electricity. Thus it makes sense to have a power back up unit or system that will keep your family comfortable and your home safe in case of a power failure.


A number of power back up units or systems includes battery storage, a battery charger and an inverter. The inverter is capable of converting 12 volt DC battery power to standard 220 or 240 volt AC power. The salient feature of these systems is that they can also recharge the batteries using a generator and your vehicle, or your vehicle alone. The more efficient systems can power an entire, energy-efficient house or even a work place.


A power back up unit from Sam Stores is a perfect deal for you. The additional vital features that accompanies the power backup unit are LCD function display, CPU control, AVR function, intelligent management software, strong load compatibility, cold start function, wide AC input voltage range, self-testing function, automatic buzzer off function, huge waves overload protection, output noise filter function, overload, short circuit protection, FAX/MODEM/TEL protection part, and above all it is CE approved.