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220 Volts Refrigerators and Freezers

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Shop for a 220 volt freezer if you want to keep your frozen food fresh for long. It has a compact size and works great in home and offices. You can easily place a 220 volt freezer in your kitchen, pantry or office. It provides you an additional storage space for items that cannot be accommodated in your refrigerator’s freezer. A 220 volt freezer comes with adjustable temperature control and permits you to easily regulate the temperature. The frost indicator button, defrost drain, removal storage basket, quick freeze facility are some of the attractive features of a 220 volt freezer.

Update your home with a 220 volt refrigerator if your current refrigerator is not keeping the veggies and fruits fresh and crisp any more.  We at Sam Stores, offer you the ease to select a 220 volt refrigerator based on your family needs and budget.

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