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220 Volts Rice Cookers/Steamers

220 Volts Rice Cooker/Steamer

An essential appliance for your kitchen, a rice cooker can help you to cook rice, hot cereals, and desserts. Depending on the features that come with it, you can even use it to make soups and stews, or steam vegetables. Not all rice cookers function the same way, so it is important to know a few of the types available in the market and their features. This is important so you can know how to select your preferred cooker according to your needs. Here are some points to consider when selecting a rice cooker of steamer:


Rice cookers measure capacity using the cup, which ranges between 3 and 10 cups. Manufacturers are careful to include in each cooker package a special cup that you can use to for the appliance. Do not buy a large unit than you need or a smaller size that can over boil and become messy during cooking. It is always important to keep the measure cup that comes with your cooker package. For reference, usually one cup of uncooked rice yield up to one and a half cups of cooked rice.

Types of rice cookers

Various types of rice cookers exist in the market. Online shops stock a wide variety of the appliances including the 220-volt rice cooker or steamer, which can function effectively in areas with 220-240 volts electrical outlet. Some of the types of rice cookers available in the market include:

  • On/Off cookers: They allow the rice and shuts down automatically when the rice is done. They are quite flexible and most affordable.
  • Cook and Keep warm: These types of rice cookers allow rice to cook, reduce heat, and let the rice keep warm.
  • Electronic cook and keep warm: these types have a sensor in the unit to keep the rice warm for up to twelve hours. They are more expensive although they are good if you cook a lot of rice every day.

Basic safety features

It is important to know some basic safety feature in a rice cooker. Most appliances using electrical energy can be dangerous. Some of the safety features to consider include:

  • Fuse protector: this prevents possible fires, especially if you leave the appliance unattended
  • Auto cord reel: This is important to keep the cord safe so you or your pet may not tamper with it to slip the appliance from the countertop.

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