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Digital Turntable, Mixer,Controller,Headphones

Digital Turntable, Mixer, Controller Headphones

Digital mixers and turntables have not only enhanced how music is played in clubs but they have made work much easier for DJs. Unlike the traditional vinyl turntables, the digital versions are fitted with USB ports that make it possible for you to play previously recorded playlists in an instant. This feature eliminates on-the-spot selection of tracks from a long list of songs in a DJs collection. Alternatively, digital turntables can be used with laptops. The newer models support OS x 10.4.6 for Mac computers, Windows 7, Vista, or XP thus offering a DJ a range of options to choose from.

Unlike traditional turntables, the newer digital models are easy to manage with most models ranging from 2.2 Kgs to 3.3 Kgs per unit. Most clubs and other entertainment sports prefer to design their DJ stations with allowance for the smaller sized digital turntables. This means less to zero inconvenience for you as you DJ from one club to the next.

Every DJs kit must include a mixer. An X-touch pad mixer suits the beginner and experienced DJ by making it much easier to control the beats and effects on the mixer. A 2 x XLR output connecter unit, 2 x TRS output, and 2 x RCA phone output connecters mean that you can add as many accessories including equalizers and compressors depending on the channels being used. The entire digital mixer is fitted with 4 channels, each with sound colour features and multiple beat effects to use on different kinds of music. You can also plug in your Windows or Mac enabled operating system when you need to play music directly from your laptop computer or desktop. Similar to the turntable in being lightweight, this mixer weighs under 8 kg.

To accessorise the DJ mixer you must use controller headphones. The recommended 1.57 inch driver unit will help the professional DJ to deeper bass and enhanced sound quality. This, coupled with a soft foam pad isolation unit ensures that you do not experience noise interruption from external speakers. The comfortable controller headphones facilitate switching from one channel to another, one beat to another for smooth sound transition to external speakers. A 3.94 ft cable length is ideal for easy movement while the stainless steel design of DJ controller headphones guarantees durable use. With these controller headphones you need not budget for a replacement pair any time soon.