Rechargeable Portable Stereo System for iPhone and iPods

If you are looking for a sleek speaker system that you can use anywhere this is the device for you. You are guaranteed an exceptional audio experience through the 4 in-built speakers in Reson8 and SRS TruBass circuitry. On the brighter side this stereo system has the capability to ply music from both your iPod and iPhone while at the same time charging the device from which you are playing your music. The lithium ion battery that comes with the device allows you to recharge the stereo system thus you can play your music without worrying about batteries.

The stereo system can be used anywhere across the globe and it supports 110-22—240 volts thus you need not to worry much about the voltage of power in your residence. Of the four speakers in the device, 2 are active while the other two are passive thereby guaranteeing you great audio performance supported by the Reson8 drivers which guarantee you power, depth and astounding clarity.

The auxiliary-in jack allows you to play music from other devices such as a CD player or computer on the stereo system. The device is small in size and very light thus can be easily moved around and does not take up match space in your back pack and is ideal for individuals who want share their music with friends or family and can really come handy when going for camps or road trips. It also comes with a stand that easily folds when you need to move it from one point to another. The stand also makes it easy to stabilize in an upright position

The device comes with a charging AC adapter for purposes of charging and you can monitor the battery level on the top of the speaker. There are also no inserts needed for the device you are playing the music from as it comes with a retracting universal dock. You also need not to worry about compatibility issues as the device is compatible with different generations of iPod touch and nano as well as apple products.

For its price this rechargeable stereo system is one of the best you can get in its category in the market. You however need to note that it does not come with a remote control and you will have to use your iPod or iPhone controls to change tracks but all in all it works pretty well in all other aspects.