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220 Volts Stand Mixers

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220 Volts Stand Mixers

Hand mixers are great kitchen appliances when you want to mix various ingredients to make homemade soups or purees. Having a 220 volts stand mixer in your kitchen can make a difference in the way you whisk up milkshakes and purees. This product is applicable in areas with 220-240 Volts in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. People in ships and boats with 220-240 electrical outlets can also find the appliance useful.

 However, when you are out in the market to buy a new stand mixer, you need to be careful and select a supplier that can give you trusted products. The market of kitchen appliances is already full of products from various manufacturers, some of which may not meet the required standards.

To get the best stand mixer, consider the following points:

Hand mixer speeds

A hand mixer comes with variable six-range speed, just like a stand mixer. The slowest speed is essential when you add ingredients without creating a lot of dust. Some hand mixers come with a soft or slow start feature that enables them to work effectively without much splatter. The recommended power for a hand mixer is 175 watts. However, the wattage does not serve as the only indicator for quality. A good design is equally important as it contributes to overall performance.

New designs of hand mixers come with two slim beaters made of curves stainless steel wire. The modern designs work better than old designs and are easier to clean.


A hand mixer should be comfortable so you can use it without straining. This calls for a sturdy structure for durability but light enough in weight to hold comfortably for about five or ten minutes. Up to two pounds is enough weight for a hand mixer. Handles slanting up towards the front of the mixer are more comfortable than the ones running parallel to the mixture. For left-handed users, the model should come with a swivel cord that makes it easier to guide the appliance.


Buy a mixer without seams on the underside, as it is easier to clean. The surface should also be smooth to avoid trapping ingredients. Check for touch pads, which are add-ons that make cleaning easy.

As you shop for a hand mixer, consider these qualities and you can get the best model that meets your expectations. Online sellers such as SamStores stock a wide range of stand mixers that can greatly improve your kitchen. Shop around and identify a reliable seller to work with. Online sellers give you the opportunity to shop in the comfort of your living room for your preferred products.

220 Volts Kitchen Aid Mixer is a Must Have in the Kitchen

220 volts kitchen aid mixer is an appliance that operates at 220 volts and it is perfect for people who are moving or are temporarily relocating to America especially north America. It is available in many colors to match your unique styles or the color schemes of your kitchen. It has a power hub for those additional attachments that you would like to have and these include; wire whip, flat beater, pouring shield and a dough hook. The machine is made up of metal meaning it is stable, sturdy and durable. This metal also comes in handy because this machine has to make planetary movements and there is also a lot of mixing.

220 volts kitchen aid mixer is easy to use and equally easy to clean. The fixation system is unique and when using it you can be doing something else; you don’t necessarily have to stand there as it mixes your ingredients. The mixer also comes in all sizes meaning you can get one for house use and one for commercial use in the event you are operating a cake baking business. The mixer does a thorough job of mixing and the mixing is done quite fast. It is silent while in use meaning you don’t have to deal with deafening noises. It has an ergonomic handle meaning you will not hurt your hand when operating it.


A commercial 220 volts kitchen aid mixer comes with a bowl magnetic lock that prevents the mixer from running in the event that the guard is opened or if the bowl has been lowered. The switches of this mixer are moisture resistant meaning that they are not affected by moisture in the surrounding areas. They also come with gears that have been treated with carbon steel. There is also an overload switch that goes on when the mixer has been overloaded. The mixer also conforms to the ETL sanitation listing and also NSF-7 standards. There is also a mounted top power hub making the mixer even better. The fact that most of the parts are easily cleaned makes it even a better item to have in the kitchen. The mixers come in all sizes and shapes and this translates to everyone buying according to his or her pocket. There are different prices for different mixers and everyone will have the one that suits her pocket.

In summary, 220 volts kitchen aid mixer is a must have in the kitchen. The planetary mixing action leaves the ingredients well blended, mixed and aerated to get a wonderful result.

220 Volts Stand Mixers are one of the most helpful appliances to be found in any kitchenette – from the household kitchen to that found in the best cafés. Whether you aim to be a MasterChef or simply cook for occasional celebration, a mixer will undeniably come handy.

One of the most admirable things about 220 Volts Stand Mixers is that they allow for hands-free baking and prepping. You will be able to mix, mash and blend even the thickest of assortments and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty. Whether you’re kneading bread or creating mouthwatering, savory chocolate cakes, you can do everything with little effort and without actually having to put your hands in the ingredients. The high-quality, upright assembly of 220 Volts Stand Mixers alone helps you to work hands-free. So go ahead and get creative with sticky, piping hot or messy food ingredients, because, with stand mixers, baking and cooking comes to be mess-free.

But hold on, there’s more to 220 Volts Stand Mixers than just providing an effortless cooking, they’re highly versatile as well. There are so many things a mixer is capable of creating – from cheesecakes, pizza dough, fried noodles, donuts and pop tarts to mojito and even mashed potatoes.

A stand mixer is your optimal choice for exotic food recipes that necessitate vigorous mixing. So shop for a 220 Volts Stand Mixer from Sam Stores and relieve your hands from all the exhausting work. We keep the highest-quality stand mixers from best-in-class brands such as KitchenAid, Von, Kenwood, Morphy Richards, and Black & Decker, so you can rest assured that your toughest cooking ingredients will be mixed to perfection.