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Power Inverters


Power inverters are devices that are capable of changing direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). A power inverter does the opposite of a rectifier and is preferred to be used where AC power is not available. These inverters are useful in converting a battery or other stored power sources into usable AC power so that different electronic items and equipment can be run in the absence of normal power supply.

With our flawless and customer-oriented services, all of our new as well as existing customers can ensure the power supply to their household electronic apparatus such as fans, televisions, A/Cs and coolers in an easy and convenient manner. We are known for our customer services and ensure the delivery of ordered product within 24 hours.  We are able to complete most of the orders delivered to any of the 48 US states in just 3-7 business days!

Now running all your electronic products and kitchen appliances is quite easy with 220 volt power inverter. A 220 volt power inverter converts direct current to conventional alternating current. When you do not have normal power supply, a 220 volt inverter can be used to run your electronic equipment. So your important jobs do not hinder in the absence of normal power supply. Sam Stores stocks a wide range of power inverters to match your needs. You can order from us online as we do prompt delivery of our products. Make haste and order now.