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Battery Chargers


Proper maintenance is the key to maintaining value and long-term usage of your vehicle. While you consider your car or motorcycle’s battery as a small, and relatively inexpensive, component for your vehicle, apposite battery maintenance ensures that your vehicle will definitely work when you need it to. Thus, utilizing a good battery charger turns out to be a great way to handle battery maintenance. It is cost effective and also helps to maintain the shelf-life of your battery resulting in fewer replacements and less hassles with your vehicle not starting at an inconvenient time.


You can choose from a range of battery chargers as per your charging requirements from Sam Stores at an affordable price. Sam Stores offers heavy duty 12 Volt battery chargers with 20-30 Amp capacities that are light weight, easily transportable and very compact and offers spark-free operations. A well-maintained battery delivers many more years of service for your car, motorcycle or other appliances. Moreover, when used correctly, battery chargers can double or triple the useful life of your batteries.