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220 Volt Region Free Player at SamStores

Region free DVD player

A region-free DVD player has all the specialties of a conventional DVD player, and then some. Its unique selling point is that it can play DVDs produced in any of the six regions of the world. This is executed through their inner hardware which is able to recognize every regional code in order to render the disc playable. To adapt to global voltage standards, region-free DVD players are also compatible with both 110 V and 220 V voltages. Its compatibility enables you to see films from other regions well before they have been released in your country.

It is not rare for a foreign movie to be released in its censored or edited form in your country. Every country has distinct censoring laws and in order to comply with those, several scenes from the original movie have to be altered or completely deleted from the released version. For this reason alone, a region-free DVD player is great for film enthusiasts who want the authentic movie experience without the exclusions and editing of any major plot-relevant scenes.

There are also likelihoods of censor committees revoking a foreign movie's rights to get cleared in the country or movie makers refusing to release it in your country. In circumstances like these, there won’t be any way you could see the movie. However, you can order the movie DVD from online stores and be assured that your region-free DVD player would be able to play it.

Another significant advantage of a region-free DVD player is that even if you’re moving or traveling from one country to another, you can seamlessly play DVDs from that part of the world. It’s much more cost-effective than purchasing a regional specific player.

At Sam Stores, you can find the best region-free DVD players from the best brands – like Samsung, LG, Sony, Pioneer, Philips, Panasonic, and more. You can choose from a wide range of DVD players based on your specifications and budget. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a region-free DVD player and secure that nothing comes in the way of your movie watching experience.