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220 Volts Smoke Detectors

220 Volts Smoke Detectors

220 volts smoke detectors can be used in most dwelling places, small boats and ships that have current supply of 220 volts. They are used to detect smoke or fire in premises and warning the occupants in the premises. They are used in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America. Most smoke detectors are of the size of a hand and are usually designed for fitting on the ceiling. The major reason why most properties and home owners install these appliances in their properties is because they detect fire early enabling their families or the occupants to leave the building safely.

Types of the 220 volts smoke detectors

There are different models and designs of smoke detectors that run on 220 volts that are available in the current market. They include the following:

  • Optical smoke detectors
  • Ionization smoke detectors
  • Combined smoke detectors

Each type of smoke detector is different with some having inter-connectable capabilities. This implies that such smoke detectors can be connected in a way that enables them to raise alarm to other detectors in the building upon installation. There are also smoke detectors that come with additional features such as silence button and emergency lights. The silence button is an important feature because it helps in ending their nuisance in the event of a false alarm such as when cooking.

With most standard fire detectors, you will have to replace the battery after every 12 months. However, you can also find smoke detectors that have batteries with a 10 year seal. Nevertheless, the best thing about these smoke detectors is that the battery should not be replaced every year.

Install quality detectors

When choosing the smoke detectors to purchase, you need to consider the fire type that is likely to breakout in your home. Nevertheless, the detector should be able to detect smoke in your premise. It is also important to ensure that you have steady power supply.

Additionally, it is important to purchase a smoke detector that conforms to quality standards. This implies that the detector is capable of detecting smoke and triggering the alarm whenever there is smoke in the building. The detector can be fitted almost at the center of a room but away from the lighting and the wall.

Although you may find it easy to install the smoke detectors, it is highly advisable that you ask an expert to install them for you. This is very important because an experienced technician ensures that your 220 volts smoke detectors are installed properly. Buy these detectors if you purchase appliances that run on 220-240 volts.

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