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Step Down Converter-Only for Overseas use-Type 1


Step Down Transformer Has Long Life

Your ideal step down transformer should have a life expectancy between 20 and 25 years. This is owed to the fact that this type of transformer has no moving parts. This transformer has a greater primary voltage than the secondary voltage.  You can effectively use it to run a 110v product in a country with a 220v mains supply.

The transformer’s core and coil are the primary components for voltage. The materials used to prevent shorting include varnish, Kraft paper, nomex and mylar. The insulation is usually placed between the turns of wire to prevent shorting to one another or to ground.


 You should never reverse connect step down transformers sized less than 1KVA because the reverse winding have additional turns to overcome a voltage drop when the load is applied. If reverse connected, the output voltage will be less than desired.

 You can operate your transformer at lower voltage than rated but not at higher voltage than the nameplate rating.  Because of this you can be able to do some non-standard applications using standard transformers. It is important to note that the input and output voltage of this transformer stays constant.  The voltage ratio between the primary and secondary voltage of your step down transformer will mirror the “turns ratio” except for a single phase smaller than 1KVA which have compensated secondaries. Your favorite transformer is therefore more than a voltage device.

This transformer is made from two or more coils of insulated wire wound around a core made of iron. When the voltage is applied to the primary coil (input) it magnetizes the iron core, which induces a voltage in the secondary coil (output). The amount of voltage transformation is therefore determined by the turns ratio of the two sets of windings.

Your effective transformer simply works by converting alternating current (AC) from one voltage to another voltage. It works on a magnetic induction principle because it has no moving parts. So a step down model is designed to decrease the voltage.

The primary input voltage is greater than the secondary output voltage because the number of turns on the secondary windings is less than the number of turns of the primary winding. Because the same magnetic flux lines cut both coils of your step down transformer, the induced electro motive force (EMF) in the secondary winding, is proportional to the number of turns on both the primary and secondary windings.


This type of transformer is therefore designed to step down high voltages, for example from 11000v to 220v or 110v and from 220v or 110v to 10, 12, 20, or 24 volts. Your ideal model should be a professional grade with high performance. Quality step down transformers also contain effective noise filtration and power protection systems.

 Your ideal model should also come with at least a 5 year warranty. This will assure you a 5 year product replacement guarantee. It also saves you from the need to hire an electrician. Understanding all the features and specifications of your ideal step down transformer is therefore of paramount importance.


Our step down voltage converters are designed specifically to be used overseas to make your 110 volt (US type) appliances work with foreign 220 volt electricity.

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