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Voltage Converters / 220v Transformer

Answer1: A voltage converter or transformer is an electrical device used to convert or change the output voltage of an electrical power source. They are basically used to change the voltage from110v to 220v and vice verse. These voltage converter or transformers are needed when we don’t get required... Read more

Plug Adapter / Travel Plug Adapter / Converter

Power supply is not uniform across the globe. In majority of countries the main supply is between 220 and 240 volts (50 or 60 Hz). With different power systems, different countries also have different types of plugs and socket systems. A plug converter is an electronic device which simply allows a dual... Read more

Code free DVD players

Answer 1:  Like the diversities in almost everything in world, DVD players too have various diversities in them. A whole world of DVD players and DVDs is divided into 8 regions around the world. Now, a question arises that why and how are these divided? The DVDs around the world are encoded with... Read more

Buyers Guide for PAL To NTSC Video Converter

Having the ability to convert the format of your video content and adjust its settings will enable you to optimize your videos for specific platforms and devices. This can be done in numerous ways, which includes using a format with external hardware support that help you optimize the resolution of... Read more

Buyers Guide For 240-Volt Motion Sensor Light

Outdoor illumination is a perfect way to reduce crime, but leaving your lights on throughout the night can be a costly affair and a waste of energy. The solution? Getting motion sensor lights that turn on automatically when movement is detected – be it a random stranger lurking around into shadows... Read more

Buyers Guide For 240-Volt Drill

If you are someone who loves to undertake hands-on home improvement projects or you frequently do periodic DIY touch-ups, you are much likely to require a drill to get the job done perfectly—planning on getting a drill?After you go through these points, make sure to check out all the various 240... Read more

Buyer’s Guide for Vacuum Cleaner

Answer 1:  Vacuum cleaners are one of the most effective cleaning tools in house. They are used to clean floors, upholstery and other surfaces in a house. It helps in reducing potential allergens and improves the quality of indoor air. There is a wide spectrum of 220 volt vacuum cleaners in the... Read more

Buyer’s Guide for 220 Volt Inverters

Answer 1:  A 220 volt power inverter is a device that converts low-voltage DC (direct current) power to standard household AC (alternating current) power. It allows you to operate household appliances and electrical equipment using the power produced by a battery. They are used to protect home... Read more

Blu-Ray DVD Player

Question1: What is 220vBlu-Ray DVD players and why I need it?Answer 1: A DVD player allows you to play both DVD audio and DVD video. Format of Blu-Ray DVD player is developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD). With this player, you can not only play and record... Read more

240-Volt Hair Straightener

Glossy, straight, and non-fizzy hair is something that most girls dream of. Not everyone is blessed with long, beautiful, straight hair like Rapunzel from the magical world of the fairy tale. A 240-volt hair straightener can help you to smooth and straighten curly and wavy hair with tight curls. ... Read more

240-Volt Buyer's Guide

Are you planning on buying 240-volt appliances but do not know how it affects your daily lifestyle? If that is the case, then this user's guide is the perfect place for you! Here, our professionals from Sam Stores will tell you all the benefits that you get from using a 240-volt appliance, along... Read more

230-Volt Portable Air Conditioners

It is critical for every consumer to fully understand what they plan to buy before making the final purchase. If you are considering purchasing a 230-volt portable air conditioner online, but don't know what to look for, then this buyer's guide will help you make the right decision.Our professionals... Read more

220-Volt Appliances

220-volt appliances are not very common amongst people living in the United States of America. People ideally do not have a reason to buy 220-volt products. After all, the country runs in 110-volts. Nevertheless, below you will find a few reasons why you should consider purchasing 220-vol products.&... Read more