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Short Wave Radio

Although the short wave radio is largely surpassed by technological advancements, it still remains a must-have device for every home owner. Forget about the simple short wave radios from decades ago. Today, newer technologies have been added to this simple gadget to make it more usable for the short wave radio enthusiast.

Some models of this radio are powered primarily by AA or AAA batteries while others come with optional electricity re-charging ports. Most re-chargeable models operate on 110V-240V electrical sockets that are installed worldwide. Whether you are out of electricity range or at home you can use easily listen to your favourite channels on extended battery life.

Whereas the more advanced digital radios do not often run on battery power, the short wave radio is a handy device that you can keep around for emergencies. Many people rely on this analog gadget for communication in events such as earthquakes, snow storms, tornadoes and many more where electrical power outage cuts off alternative means of communication.

One of the benefits of the short wave radio is that, with it you can transmit and receive radio transmissions across very large distances. The simpler models can receive frequencies within 150 kHz whereas more advanced radios receive broadcasts going as far as 30,000 kHz. This coverage is inclusive of channels that are transmitted all over the world thus providing an added advantage for the listener who intends to use this radio across countries.

This radio captures multiple frequencies on AM, Short Wave Band 1 through to 10, FM, MW, SW, and LW. Channel lists are displayed on digital LED or LCD displays depending on the specific model of the short wave radio. You can also opt for models that come fitted with a DX switch frequency scanning for channels that transmit within your radio’s range.

The physical features of the short wave radio make is just as convenient to use as the digital counterparts. You can find your radio for a mere weight of 1.5 pounds or less. The small size of this radio gives it a plus as a portable gadget which you can conveniently carry in a small bag whenever you are out camping or spending time on the outdoors.

Most, if not all short wave radios on the market today also provide additional accessories including mini headphone jacks that you can use whenever you need to listen in without using the inbuilt speakers.