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220 Volts Blowers

220 Volts Blowers

220 volts blowers are some of the best in the market today. While many of the basic blowers are only usable for blowing, some of the 220 volts blowers offer dual use that includes vacuuming. With these, you need not buy two separate machines for cleaning purposes whether you need to blow out leaves from your garden or dust from your car interiors.

Notably, the 220 volts blowers are fitted with an ergonomic grip. This is a unique feature which allows a universally comfortable grip. As you use your blower you need not worry about causing any strain or harm to your hand especially during heavy duty cleaning. In consideration of specific needs of users, the handles on these blowers have a customised grip design for either left or right hand use.

Generally, the 220 volts blowers weigh about 4 pounds maximum on most models. Their smaller size as compared to fans bring an added benefit of easy dusting around out-of-sight areas. Additionally, the blow nozzle gives you centralised cleaning that blower fans do not have. To further enhance this feature, the 2m-2.5m long cords on these blowers allow larger distance coverage away from the power plug.

Though smaller in size, these blowers include up to 600 W in-built motor offering high power usage both for residential and commercial use. Even better is that the 220 volts blowers offer high power performance on lower energy as compared to other blower models. Some of the blowers here are fitted with control buttons which put you in charge of the operation speeds. You can adjust the blower speeds to comfortable levels that range up to 16,000 rpm.

220 volts blowers are also designed to produce 2.5m3 to 2.8m3 air volume per minute. The result of this enhanced air volume is faster extraction and blowing over shorter times. Something else that should excite you about these blowers is that despite high air volumes, their sound output is minimal. You can enjoy work efficiency without the loud noises that are synonymous with less advanced blowers. 220 volts blowers kit include a dust bag that attaches to the blower. A secure lock between the bag and blower ensures that all debris and dirt is captured in the bag even at maximum blowing. The dust bag also accommodates larger debris such as wood chips, leaves, and sand making the 220 volts blowers the perfect multi-purpose cleaning tool.