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Multi-CD Changer

Multi CD Changer Home Audio and Video

After a long working week or day you would want to go back home and have a relaxing weekend or evening as you prepare for the following day or weeks activities and what other way would you do that than by relaxing music. The multi CD changer home audio and video makes this possible as it gives you the opportunity to play different CD formats without worrying about using different devices. You can also use this device to entertain your guests during a birthday party or a barbeque in your back yard. With this device all you will need is a complimenting TV set and you will have a complete entertainment unit.

The device has a built in  five CD changer that plays CDs, DVDs, DVD-audio, MP3, WMA CDs and DVD-RAM discs and has a line-in support that includes progressive scan component and S-Video thereby giving you a winning combination of performance, value and capabilities.

Apart from the C changer the device has a cassette deck and supports both AM/FM thereby the minisystem offers you a warm assortment of whistles and bells. The incorporated bi-amped speakers set it apart from its competitors. It also features a natural looking wood exterior that gives it more appeal that compliments the lighting of the main unit’s front panel with a luminescent display that is easily readable and can be viewed from different angles.

The tape deck is at the top and does not cause any barrier to the disc tray. The disc selector buttons are placed behind an automatic door within the front panel. The three way speakers are powered by one amplifier for the low frequencies and another that that powers the high and low frequency drivers. With each of the speakers having a woofer, a tweeter and a mid-range the sound is definitely balanced and will not be distorted under the right settings.

The front panel shows you the playback time of the selected disc as well as the disc tray number so you are able to know what is playing and you can play the CDs without turning on the TV to make your selections. The TV based interface allows you to easily navigate home-brewed JPEG CDs, WMAs and MP3s by filename and directory.

This device more simplified but guarantees top performance and effectiveness and is a good option for the living room or office. The combinations of good connectivity, decent sound, multi disc changer and support for different disc formats make it the best pick multi CD changer minisystem.