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220 Volts Multifunctional Machines / All-In-Ones

220 Volts Multifunctional Machines

Multifunctional machines save you the hassle of buying different machines for your office as you only need to buy one machine which comes inclusive with a photocopier, printer, scanner as well as a fax machine. This also allows you to save on space as you only have a single machine instead of four or five in the office.

The devices only support 220 volts thus are only fit for use on outlets with such volt range. The print speeds of the devices are varied depending on whether your print out is one sided or two sided. The devices also allow you to print from different sources either from a USB stick, the internet or from a wireless connection. Others even allow you to print using Bluetooth connection.

The devices support different operating systems thus you need not to worry about compatibility issues as you can connect form devices with operating systems such as Linux, windows 7, windows, 8 and different versions of windows server just but to mention a few.

The devices also have different paper handling abilities and guarantee you secure printing. You also have the ability to print a maximum of 40,000 pages per month but this may be varied based on the device model and manufacturer. You also have different printing options whether you need to print a letter, B5, A4, A5, legal or executive document.

The printers also have their varied specifications but when printing non-colored documents the device may take about 15 seconds or less to produce the first document and much less time to produce the subsequent documents. The printer languages are also varied depending on model. The standard printing memory is about 512mb in most models with other having smaller or larger memories.

The copiers just like the printer have different resolutions with some having features that can enlarge or reduce the size of the image being produced. Depending on the model of the device you will get different printer capabilities such as maximum number of printouts and duration taken for the first copy time. The scanners also have different features and can produce both colored and black and white documents in different output file formats with different resolutions.

The 220 Volts multifunctional machines are ideal for every office that is looking to save on the cost of buying different devices or do not have enough space for different devices.