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PowerXChanger is an American brand that needs little to no introduction. With a focus on world-class engineering, dynamic performance, and industry-leading reforms, PowerXChanger provides high-quality, dependable and secure voltage and frequency converters.  These quality products are designed to safeguard your electronics and appliances against voltage fluctuations, surges or spikes. With best-in-class technologies, PowerXChanger products optimally supply voltage and provide substantial protection to your electronic devices.

With PowerXChanger extension outlets, you also have the advantage to convert one terminal into two with individual circuit breakers. You can simply plug the power strip into any AC outlet, turn it on, connect your device to keep it secure and that’s it. The built-in power switch makes it considerably easy to turn off all connected devices at once. Besides, the extension outlets are integrated with smart technologies that enable each port to identify and transfer ideal input voltage to your devices.

The extension outlets come with 6 feet and a 9 feet long cord extension options to give you enough space for accommodating placement. Its heavy-duty cords are very durable. For added convenience, the outlets are flat and compatible with night stands. They also have a very lightweight and compressed form factor that is suitable to carry around.

PowerXChanger wall-mounted outlets (input and output) are ideal for people who want to keep everything clutter free. These outlets are very easy to install, as they can take place of any wall outlet and utilize existing lines and cables. Furthermore, these outlets complement the look of any place – from your bedroom to your office or any room where you have multiple devices. It can make the place look orderly and clean while supplying sufficient power to your electronic devices.

At Sam Stores, you can find the best accessories from PowerXChanger – whether input and output or extension outlets. When you buy from us, you can rest assured of the quality of the products. We also have the most competitive prices in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in a good-quality PowerXChanger accessory and keep your valuable electronics safe.