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220 Volts SANDER


220 Volts Sander

Quality, smooth, finishing is central to woodwork. Finished pieces that have rough edges are not appealing and they are also unsafe for use. As newer and more advanced woodwork tools fill the market today, the 220 volts sander is every carpenter’s best friend.

220 volts sander is available in different designs including palm grip sanders, orbit sanders, finishing sanders, belt sanders, and random orbit sanders among others. All these are in a range that is specifically designed to meet different sanding needs on woodwork products. A standard sander with 120W to 400W guarantees easy, automated use for the busy workshop. It comes with low vibration adjustment for consistent smooth finish over large wooden surfaces.

Interesting to note is that some of the 220 volts sanders have a capacity of 14,000 orbits in a single minute. The orbit sanders in this category are indeed the best as they not only work faster but they ensure that all surfaces are reached by the sander for even smooth surfaces. In the wider range of 220 volts sanders you will find that all models are fitted with dust bags that can be used anytime whether vacuuming is applied or not. Light touch sanding also focuses only on the top surfaces to prevent denting or uneven sections on a surface.

The 220 volts sander is largely a hand held device that is available in weights ranging from under 1 kg to 2.4 kg for the heavier, industrial models. Included in this range are one-hand sanders and heavier models that require two-hand operation. A simple construction project at home can be served by a single hand operation sander which offers the same work efficiency as heavy operation designs.

Flexible use of the 220 volts sander is possible through speed controls that allow you to adjust sanding speeds. You can also use a single sander for different jobs as you vary between 125mm and 150mm sanding pads in some of the available sanders. With different sanding pads you will be able to smoothen wood, remove old paint, and operate on walls, furniture, and floors. This flexibility accounts for the low initial investment cost for this sander as the flexible pad models literally give you an all-in-one sanding tool.

The 220 volts sander is safety grip assured and it features friction brakes so that you never have to worry about the sander slipping out of your hands.