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Designer Series Voltage and Frequency Converter

Designer Series Voltage and Frequency Converter

PowerXChanger is one of the leading manufactures in the industry because of their safe, dependable, convenient, and economical solutions to transforming voltages for both home applications and industrial purposes. Since PowerXChanger is trusted by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people in the US, high quality is more or less a standard with the brand, and that becomes apparent with their flagship - Designer Series voltage and frequency converter.

Designer series voltage and frequency converters have a pretty minimal yet premium design. This sine wave output regenerator has a beautiful white or black casing that surely benefits the converter stand out in the multitude of boring and uninspiring designs of conventional converters. It has a lightweight form factor that is compact enough to fit in the most crushing corners, but powerful enough to render adequate voltage to your devices. With the inclusion of a shell that can shield it against moisture and dirt, build-quality is also top-notch; it’s well-formed and feels quite durable.

If there’s one thing PowerXChanger is recognized for, it’s power. Designer series voltage and frequency converters are available in a wide assortment of voltage grades starting at 5 amps (600 W) and going all the way up to 15 amps (1800 W). This is sufficient to charge even the mightiest laptops, along with a few phones or other devices. With an 1800 W unit, you can also throw in some high appliance load at it. While an 1800 W converter may seem like overkill, the excess potential can protect your devices from even the worst power surges and voltage spikes. Furthermore, the incorporation of advanced technologies, like, power factor correction, input and output EMI, and RFI filter; it can operate at over 92% efficiency.

With best-in-class power, design, safety, and reliability, PowerXChanger Designer Series of voltage and frequency converters are perfect for people looking for a compact yet powerful solution. You can find the complete range of PowerXChanger products at Sam Stores.