Code free DVD players

Question1: What is Multi-region/ region free/Code free 220v DVD Player?

Answer 1:  Like the diversities in almost everything in world, DVD players too have various diversities in them. A whole world of DVD players and DVDs is divided into 8 regions around the world. Now, a question arises that why and how are these divided? The DVDs around the world are encoded with a certain region codes. Now these region codes help the distributors regulate the content and other things according to the desired region. For instance, US and Canada make up region 1 and the DVD players and DVDs sold here are encoded/marked with region 1. So, the DVD players here will only play DVDs marked with region 1. Similarly, the rest of the world is divided into different region codes.

There are various companies around the world that produce region free DVD players; that can play any DVD from across the world irrespective of any region code. There is also the possibility of converting a DVD player into region-free, allowing the playback of all discs. Likewise the DVD players may contain a single region code or combination of region codes and every region code or no region code. A DVD player which is capable of playing combination of codes is generally known as multi-region DVD player whereas no region code/code free DVD players are capable of reading and playing all the region discs.

Similarly, the DVD players differ in terms of voltage also. Like other electrical equipment, these also come in different voltage across the world. However all DVD players can function in dual voltage ranging from 110v-240v for worldwide use.

Question2: What are the benefits of Region free/code free 220v DVD player?

 Answer2:  Before looking forward to the benefits of a region free/code free 220v DVD player, we should first know about the need of producing it. The need of variety as well as versatility made the companies produce the region free or code free DVD players. A region free DVD player can play any disc from across the world. Now, arises a question that why one should choose a region free DVD player over a normal DVD player? So, here are the reasons or the benefits of choosing a region free DVD player. It gives the user liberty to access any disc irrespective of region codes from any part of the world. The other benefit of these players is that they can play a NTSC disc on PAL television and vice verse. The video standards also differ in respect to the difference in region codes. The normal DVD players can only play a NTSC disc on NTSC television and PAL discs on PAL televisions respectively. The region free 220v DVD players have another feature of having a dual voltage functioning capability, i.e. they can function in any part of the world. The region free or code free DVD players also come with some advanced features- lets you choose single disc player or multi disc player as well as also compatible with USB support.

Question3: What should I do with 220v code free DVD Player, if I move outside region?   

Answer3:   The 220v code free DVD players are the ones which are region free. They can play any disc from any part of the world irrespective of the region codes. A 220v code free DVD player can be used all across the world and at any part of the globe. These code free or region free DVD players come in dual voltage functioning capability. So if you have 220v code free DVD player you can roam around the world and you can go to any place irrespective of the region codes. The video standards that are NTSC and PAL standards, both are supported in the region free DVD player. So you need not to worry about it. One thing which you can check about is whether it is a PAL DVD recorder and player or NTSC DVD recorder and player because they need a dual format TV or external PAL-NTSC converter.

Question4: If I move/travel overseas, do I need to worry about the voltage difference?

Answer4:  All electrical equipment and gadgets come in different voltages across the world to meet required need. Similarly, DVD players also come in different voltage around the world. For instance, electrical equipment in US and Canada function at 110v whereas electrical equipment in Europe requires 220v to run efficiently. However, almost every new DVD players are designed in such a way that they can function in any part of the world and can be used efficiently. These DVD players can easily work in voltage difference ranging from 110v-240v.

So, if you move or travel overseas you need not have to worry about the voltage difference but you need to have a look that your DVD player is region free and supports NTSC and PAL formats i.e. it is PAL/NTSC compatible. If your DVD player doesn’t supports NTSC or PAL video standards you need to have a dual format TV or an external PAL-NTSC converter.

There is also an option of having a region free portable DVD player, if you travel a lot or you work in abroad you can easily watch your favorites movies and other programs without any trouble by this. A region free portable DVD player is compatible with all region discs and also functions in any voltage difference. These also feature NTSC/PAL conversion and can be easily connected to any TV to experience movies in big screens.

Question5: Are these 220v code free DVD players are compatible with Foreign TVs?

Answer5:  The 220V code free DVD players are the ones which are capable of playing discs of any region. They can play any DVD disc from any part of the world irrespective of any region codes. They also come in dual voltage functioning capability i.e. they can function all across the world in voltage difference ranging from 110v -240v. A 220v code free DVD player is generally PAL/NTSC compatible. They support both the video formats. This makes them compatible with foreign TVs. Almost every 220v code free DVD player come with built-in video converter, capable of playing a PAL DVD on NTSC television and vice verse.

If your DVD player does not have a built in video converter then you can have an external NTSC/PAL video converter or a dual format TV. An external video converter helps you to play NTSC DVDs on PAL TVs and PAL DVDs on NTSC TVs easily. A dual format TV can play both the NTSC/PAL DVDs and is very compatible to all video formats.

So, if your 220v DVD player has a built in video converter then it is compatible with Foreign TVs otherwise you can make it compatible by using an external video converter.

 Question6: What are the features to look for while buying 220v Code free DVD Player?

Answer6: A 220v code free DVD player is the one designed to play any disc marked with any region. They are also capable of converting video standards according to the required format. Most of these DVD players come with built in video converters. They can be easily used with the any TVs irrespective of video formats. There are also 220v code free portable DVD players in market. They give you the freedom to watch movies or programs anywhere and anytime i.e. you can use them watch movies in a long flight too. A 220v code free portable DVD player can function in any voltage difference ranging from 110v-240v and can be used worldwide. The compatibility of playing any video standards is another feature of these DVD players.

Some advanced and other features of a 220v code free DVD player are that people look for is USB connectivity. They like to watch movies via pen drives or hard disks other than buying a proper DVD disc. For this reason  DVD players come with USB support these days. Another feature which companies are providing is use of multi disk. There is the option of single disk player as well as multi disk player. Multi-disk player gives the user experience of watching movies or programs without any hurdle or break. A continuous flow of movie/program is maintained till end giving user relief from changing discs.

To watch and record at the same time is another advanced feature of 220v free DVD players and recorders. You can record movies while watching them at the same time. The PAL DVD recorder and player records PAL format and vice verse. Some of the DVD players and recorders give freedom to watch and record in any of the video standards.

These are some of basic and advanced features which companies are providing now a day to have a hassle free experience and watch the favorite movies and programs. Now travel around the world without any worry of the region codes and other differences with just one code free DVD player and experience a new way of watching movies and other programs.