220-Volt Appliances

220-volt appliances are not very common amongst people living in the United States of America. People ideally do not have a reason to buy 220-volt products. After all, the country runs in 110-volts. Nevertheless, below you will find a few reasons why you should consider purchasing 220-vol products.  


Most heavy-duty appliances have in common that almost all of them require 220 volts to function correctly. Besides the advanced performance and added features, you can also notice that these products tend to build quality better. 

It happens because these products are built to do heavy-duty tasks; thus, they need to be made using the most durable material in their class. They tend to last significantly longer than most of their counterparts, thanks to their build quality. 220-vol products do not show signs of wear or get damaged easily.  

Even though they may be slightly more expensive, but they will also give you the best return on your money because you get to use them for years and years to come as long as they are plugged in the required 220-volt wall outlet. You will not have to stress about replacing or repairing your 220-volt blender, oven, air fryer every now and then.  


If you look, you can find a lot of home appliances that work well with 110-volt products. Still, products used for industrial and commercial applications will need much more electrical energy to function correctly.  

This tells us why there are so many establishments that end up using 220-volt equipment or appliances. For example, most laundry shops in the US have dryers and washers that run on 220-volts because these products tend to be more powerful and can get the job done faster and more efficiently. 

Pro tips for buying 220-volt products 

You can find 220-volt appliances at many appliance stores, including the ever-expanding online market. But before you buy one of these products for your home, you need to keep these tips in mind.  

·         It would be best if you looked for a licensed distributor – you are much more likely to be sure that these products are branded, high-quality, and come with a warranty. 

·         Look into the store policies – if you plan to buy a 220-volt product from an online store, make sure that you look at their policies regarding shipping, returning goods, and more. A legit online store like Sam Stores will offer you a fair deal and transparent and fair policies.  

·         Look at the product reviews – you should always take advantage of the product reviews available online by studying them before making the purchase. This is going to help you identify which brand you should select.  

All 220-volt appliances are ideally sold due to their compatibility with numerous electrical systems around the globe, which suggests that there are lots of 220-volt products out in the market. From minor kitchen appliances to essential commercial-grade water heaters, machines, air conditioning units, and furnaces, you are sure going to find 220-volt devices everywhere you go. Their popularity in the market is undoubtedly backed up by several advantages that come along with 220-volts of power.  

Availability and compatibility throughout the world 

Many countries like Australia, the UK, a few parts of Asia, and some other countries run on 220-volts from the grid. This means that all your 220-volt appliances are more likely to work in multiple locations around the world than 110-volt appliances. 


Even though 220-volt appliances tend to run on a much higher voltage than 110-volt appliances, they require fewer amps of current to function, which makes that they can use thin wires and are much less likely to overheat, which may result in a fire.  

More work, less effort

Higher voltage also means that you can get more work done from 220-volt appliances. A 220-volt device is going to have a robust and superior output when compared to a 110-volt unit.

This means that a 220-volt kettle will boil water significantly faster, a 220-volt washer will spin and clean more oversized loads more quickly, and a 220-volt drill will have much more power than a 110-volt unit.

Easier to find  

All 220-volt appliances are also going to be easier and cheaper to buy. Since these products are so standard amongst people, most manufacturers try and make as much as possible. It is also part of the reason why 220-volt appliances also come at an affordable price.  

Another reason why 220-volt products are cheaper is that since these appliances run at a higher current but lower resistance, which means that you can use thinner wires while cutting costs on high amperage components,  

Understanding the outlet

Suppose you are planning on shifting from another country and wish to move your electrical appliances with you. In that case, you need better understand all the differences between 220 and 240-volt outlets.  

You need to ensure that these appliances have to be plugged into a power outlet that matches their voltage, or else your machine will not work as it should.  

This is the reason why if you wish to relocate your microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, and any other electrical appliance, you need to make sure that you have all the required outlets for them. Using the recommended outlet for all your devices is the key to securing the quality of your appliance while preventing any potential accidents.  

Main features of 220-volt appliances 

  • Suppose you plug a 220-volt appliance into a power supplier that has a lower voltage. In that case, your machine will not function because you are not providing it with the necessary power for optimum performance.  
  • 220-volt appliances tend to run on twice the power of a 110-volt device. This means that appliances such as lights of 220-volts will require double power to run efficiently.  
  • Your electricity bills are going to be higher if you use a 220-volt appliance. It is critical for you, as a consumer, to make sure that the primary electrical system of your property, be it home or workplace, is capable of handling high-power consuming devices. Many homes in the United States do not have the required wiring to support 220-volt appliances that need to be installed separately.  
  • Besides ensuring that the electrical connections made to run a 220-vol appliance are made by a professional electrician, you also need to ensure that you get a special permit from your city's authorities before you get those lines installed.  
  • Verify if your appliance is a single voltage or a dual voltage appliance since it may require you to go in for a separate permit application and wiring. 

Some commonly used 220-volt appliances in the United States 


Almost all 220-volt dryers tend to run using electricity, whereas 110-volt dryers run on gas. 

Washing machines 

Washing machines are a great example of a 220-volt appliance since it requires a lot of power for a machine to wash clothes. If you have a smaller washing machine which is not capable of handling 220-volts, you will notice that it does fewer loads in the same time as their 220-volt counterparts.  

Cooking ranges 

Ranges ideally consist of two components. Even though its burners require gas to function, the oven uses 220-volt to 240-volt of electricity to give you the best performance for your money.  

Air conditioners  

Another excellent example of a 220-volt appliance is air conditioners. Typically, AC's that require 220-volts or 240-volts of electricity will give you much better and faster results. 


There are a lot of cooktops that require greater voltage and power for optimal performance. These cooktops will also give you better results and higher efficiency when compared to low-quality cooktops.


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