Blu-Ray DVD Player

Question1: What is 220vBlu-Ray DVD players and why I need it?

Answer 1: A DVD player allows you to play both DVD audio and DVD video. Format of Blu-Ray DVD player is developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD). With this player, you can not only play and record  video but also store large amounts of data. A blu-ray player offers more than 5 time storage capacity in comparison to traditional DVD player.
The colors are real on this format and the sound quality is awesome.  When we play any video on a normal player, the colors we see are not the real colors, they change tones and shades. But when the same video is played on 220vBlu-Ray DVD players, you can feel the real colors with crystal clear vision.  Same thing is with the audio; on Blu-Ray player, you can actually feel the voice. The atmosphere becomes live when you play some thing on this player. For experiencing the high quality video, a Blu-Ray DVD player is the best option.
Stunning 3D effect and the depth in picture gives you mesmerizing experience. You can actually feel the depth while watching multi region blu ray player. With this you can experience the HD cinema at your home and give you same thrill which you enjoy at cinema hall. Region free blu ray allow you to play DVDs and Blu-ray Discs from any region in the world. With all such useful and striking features, it makes a lot of sense to but a 220vBlu-Ray DVD player.

Question2: What are the basic elements to look for in 220v Blu-Ray DVD Player?

Answer 2: With Blu-Ray DVD player, you can enjoy the magic of watching the movie in high definition at your home. A blu-ray is like a revolution in the field of disc playing. With the ordinary DVD players, you can play limited format and cannot change the viewing resolution. But this player gives you the facility to change the viewing resolution and open new world of clarity, colors and sound. Here are some features which everyone should know about blu-ray DVD player:

  1. WiFi : Region free blu ray player comes with built-in Wi-Fi. You need no extra cable to connect your player with network. This technology can connect your player directly with the Wi-Fi and you can easily access your smart blu ray features. You can also sync your player with your smart phones with Wi-Fi. You can also use your mobile apps with this player and enjoy the world of internet.
  2. iPhone/Android Control: You can turn your smart phones into the remote control for your Region free blu ray DEV player. With the help of mobile apps, you can directly control your player with your iPhone and Android phones. Various apps are present for iPhone and Android platform.
  3. Internet Apps : With this latest multi region Blu-Ray DVD player, you can enjoy internet apps in your player. You can use your favorite social networking apps like Twitter and Facebook; latest news apps and photo-sharing services like Flickr and Picasa. With a simple internet connection,  you can use your player as an internet support device.
  4. Media Streaming/DLNA: Digital Living Network Association is a security protocol that allows secure and fast network sharing.  Media sharing allows significant media storage and also increases connectivity between the other network devices. With this feature, sharing becomes very easy and speedy which save time and increase performance. This feature allows your player to access videos, music, photos and other stored data from your mobile phones, tablets and other devices.
  5.  3D: 3D animation has changed the world of entertainment. This is a special effect with which we can see only with the specialized devices. Normal players cannot play the 3D format, this needs special players.  Many models of Region free blu ray DVD players have this special feature. You can play 3D video with them and can see the creativity of animators at your home. 
  6. Picture Adjustability: You can take liberty to adjust the picture with 220v Blu-Ray DVD Player. Almost all the models allow picture adjustment ranging from a screen ratio of 4:3 to 16:9 depending on the content. Not only you can change the aspect ratio of the viewing video but also adjust zoom feature, black level adjustment and the ability to view a scene from different angles if the feature is included in disc. Brightness and sharpness also can be controlled by the Blu-Ray player.
  7. Surround Sound: Region free blu ray player have unique feature of multichannel surround sound.  With the blu-ray DVD played, you can create your own disc at your home with all your music.
  8. Video Streaming: Video streaming is much appreciated feature of  blu-ray DVD player. This feature allows user to connect to extra movie service online. On this service, lots of movies and videos are available on digital platform which can be downloaded and played. These video may be for one time watch only or available as paid version. You can buy monthly subscription online and can get access to a large section of media at any time.
  9. Various Audio Outputs: The blu-ray DVD player supports the audio formats SACDs (Super Audio CD) and DVD-Audio discs. These are essential for high resolution music.  Bitstreaming (sending the compressed HD audio signal to the receiver as a raw digital stream) is also supported by most of the blu ray player current players.
  10.  Dual HDMI Outputs: Technically speaking, HDMI (which stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a global connectivity standard developed by a consortium of major electronics manufacturers. HDMI establishes a "future-proof" foundation for the transmission of high-definition video and multichannel audio among a wide variety of audio, video and computer products. With dual HDMI output, you can upscale the blu-ray DVD player and can get improved picture in high definition.
  11.  HDMI Inputs : HDMI inputs gives better connectivity with the screen and you can get video of HD quality. TV screens which you cannot connect directly with the blu-ray DVD player can be easily connected with the HDMI input slot.

The price of any electronic product usually comes first when we search for a quality range. However, to focus solely on pricing might prevent you from discovering the real value in the Blu-ray player you are considering for a purchase. Price and value is different. A price is a thing which you pay for the product and value which you gain from the product.  Value is never determined by the price, for value you should consider the output and gain from the product and a Region free blu ray DVD player will always give you more value than price. It is always possible to buy a player with greater value and pay a lower price or to pay a greater price and receive less value.

Question3: 220vBlu-Ray vs DVD Players

Answer 3: If you own a HDTV, then we highly recommend a 220v Blu-Ray player. This player will take your entertainment level to high end. A Blu-Ray DVD player is a good match for high-definition TVs. With this you can experience the best picture and sound quality. Region free blu ray gives you freedom to play DVDs from any region in the world, while this not possible with ordinary player. This DVD player plays Pal/NTSC/Secam and many other formats and can connect with any TV in the world. For connection of this DVD player with TV ,there is no need of an external video converter.

An ordinary DVD Player is lacking in terms of latest technology.  The freedom of technology and experience which you avail with a multi region Blu-Ray DVD player is not available with an ordinary DVD player. With a portable Region free blu ray DVD player, you can enjoy your movie any where any time in real HD quality.  An ordinary DVD player can be available at low prices in comparison to a blu-ray DVD player but the value you get from blu ray player; you can never get from an ordinary player.

In the following table you can compare an ordinary DVD player with Blu-Ray DVD player and can calculate by yourself that which player is good for you and give you the full value of your money. These features will help you understand the differences between  them and  guide to make a sensible buying decision.



DVD Player

DVD Player

Blu-Ray DVD

Play Features

It plays only DVDs

Plays all the format of Blu-Ray & DVDs

Viewing Resolution

Not able to convert a higher viewing resolution

Convert a wide range between 720p and 1080p.

Wi-Fi Compatibility

Not compatible with Wi-Fi

All most all models are compatible with Wi-Fi

Video Capacity

Can be used for 3 hour recording only

Have a wide range of 23, 8.5, and 5.5 hours, depends on encoding

Region Coding Availability

Region coding not available

Can done region coding

Game Console Compatibility

Compatible with PlayStation and Xbox

Compatible with PlayStation