240-Volt Hair Straightener

Glossy, straight, and non-fizzy hair is something that most girls dream of. Not everyone is blessed with long, beautiful, straight hair like Rapunzel from the magical world of the fairy tale. A 240-volt hair straightener can help you to smooth and straighten curly and wavy hair with tight curls.  

Most of us ideally prefer getting our hair straightened by a professional. In contrast, some others prefer using a hair straightener at home to better style their hair according to their particular needs.

Hair straighteners, AKA (also known as) flat irons, are perfect for various types of hair. They are simple to use and easy to maintain. 

New age hair straighteners also come with added attachments and features, making styling your hair manageable and comfortable. There are various things that you should consider before buying a 240-volt hair straightener online. 

Choosing the perfect hair straightener has a lot to do with the type and texture of your hair. If you have delicate, thin, naturally straight, or color-treated hair, you might need a 240-volt hair straightener that gives you the flexibility to either lower or adjusts its heat settings. 

Curly and thick hair requires extreme temperatures and a slightly wide heating plate to get them all in place perfectly. A hair straightener consists of two different heating plates made from various materials such as titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline.  

A few models are available that also used infrared technology, which is even easier on your hair, giving you perfect results and zero damage. 

Hair straighteners give you an easy and efficient way to tame curly, frizzy, or unruly hair. The heated plates are supposed to glide along with your hair follicles, helping you straighten your hair as they go. Just like any other type of hot styling, straightening hair too can cause damage.  

Nevertheless, if you use a good-quality straightener, the overall risk of damage can decrease substantially while your hair is left looking glossy, sleek, and healthy. Moreover, you can even use a heat protection product like a spray or a lotion to protect your hair against any further damage. 

Since there are so many options to select from, buying the perfect hair straightener for you will depend on various features and product characteristics. Given below are a few tips for you to help to buy a 240 Volt hair straightener. 

What is the type of your hair? 

Hair comes in numerous different forms and types. Your hair can be straight, curly, thick, thin, rough, smooth, shiny, or dull. All other hair types are going to require a particular kind of hair straightener to help you get a sleek and polished look effortlessly.

This should be common knowledge that different hair textures need different treatment types to help you straighten them properly. 

Rough and curly hair required you to have a much higher temperature to get straightened successfully. The temperature of your hair straightener will have to be adjusted up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to give you the perfect result.

However, the advantage of having lower heat is that they do not get burned or even damaged with this heat level, allowing you to straighten them. 

Damaged or thin hair is often effortless to straighten, even at lower temperatures. Medium hair, on the other hand, is neither thin nor coarse.

You need to use a 240-volt hair straightener that provides medium temperature heat to tame medium hair without any difficulty. 

Everything you need to know about hair straightener 

Different materials  

The materials used in its plates should be a good conductor of heat if you wish to get efficiency out of the product. Another point that you need to keep in mind is that there needs to be very low friction between the plates since it can help you decrease hair breakage.  

The total width of your heating plates will also determine the suitability of the straightener for various types of hair. This quick guide should help you determine the width you need to choose depending on your hair: 

Thin plate – this type of plate is ideal for short hair since they are about 2.5cm to 3cm in width. 

Medium plate – medium plate seems to work perfectly for both short and medium hair. These plates are about 3cm to 4cm in width.  

Wide plate – wide plate hair straighteners are ideal for long, thick hair and come with a width of 6cm. 

Depending on the type of material used, there can be a vast difference between 2 hairdryers in the same category. 

What type of straightener plate material is perfect for you? 

Ceramic and tourmaline tend to generate negative ions that help lock in moisture and give your hair a shiny finish. 

Titanium plates are a lightweight and strong material that delivers even and quick heating.  

Ceramic with Teflon-coated straightener plates are easy to clean since they do not have any build-up of hair styling products. These plates also ensure minimal friction between your hair and the plate, giving you a perfect finish every time.  

Solid ceramic plates are known to heat evenly, which helps in maintaining a constant temperature. Ceramic plates also heat up quickly, but a regular plate may not maintain temperature and solid ceramic. 

 Ceramic plates are used to give you a better heat transfer and a smooth surface for minimal hair breakage and damage. You can even get a 240-volt hair straightener which features a ceramic with Teflon coated plates to get an even higher heat with a smoother glide. 

What are the features that you need to look for in a hair straightener? 

Heating time 

A good quality hair straightener should heat up fast. You need to check the time taken to heat the plates initially and the heat-up time when in use. 


Depending on the type of hair you have, you need to choose a straightener with the highest temperature setting. Hair straighteners with high temperatures yield the best results for curly, thick hair but may not be suitable for other hair types, such as thin or damaged. 

Wet to steam or straight 

You can use her irons on towel-dried hair unless you have a problem with the steam escaping from your hair. Depending on what type of hair you have, you may or may not want this to happen to you. 

Auto shut 

This feature shuts off your hair straightener after a certain amount of time, so you do not have to stress about leaving your hair straightener switched on accidentally, which may lead to an accident. 


If your lifestyle involves a lot of traveling across the globe, then you need to look for a hair straightener that works perfectly over a wide variety of different voltages. 

Travel straightener 

These types of hair straighteners are even more travel-friendly since they work on cell and are cordless. Nevertheless, you need to bear in mind that most of these travel straighteners are not meant for heavy-duty work and may not heat up evenly. 

Ion straighteners 

Ion straighteners work to generate negative ions with the plates, which helps lock in moisture and remove all the fuzz from your hair, giving you a smoother finish. 

Infrared heating  

This heating technology helps reduce the overall damage to your hair since it heats the hair from the inside. 


Your budget will play a critical role in deciding which 240-volt hair straightener you need to purchase. You need to keep in mind the frequency of usage and its utility to determine which hair straightener is perfect for you.  


If you wish to get silky and shiny hair that looks lustrous and healthy, you need to get a good quality 240- volt hair straightener. Excessive heat treatment can damage your hair, but using the right straightener can help you reduce hair damage to a great extent. 

Now that you know what to look for, you can select the right plate compatible with your hair type and use additional hair care products to add shine to your hair. You can even use special shampoos and conditioners to moisturize your hair further, protecting and keeping your hair healthy.