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220-240V/50/60Hz, Split AC • 36,000 BTU Split AC • R410a Refrigerant type • Remote control

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Golden fin the unique anticorrosive golden coating on the heat exchangers can withstand the salty air, rain and other corrosive elements. It also effectively prevents bacteria from breeding and improves heat efficiency. • Energy Saving inverter AC funs at low frequency with higher EER for most time. Greatly reduces energy consumption • Reliability durability • True comfort • Strone Cooling A DC inverter A/C enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in the shortest time from start up. It cools you down 15% faster compared to conventional noninverter A/C. This make you enjoy more powerful cooling from the moment you switch on your DC Inverter A/C. • Advanced Control Module The advanced DC inverter control module improves efficiency during high-speed compressor operation to provide more power, meanwhile, improves efficiency during low-speed operation to save more energy • A DC Inverter AC varies the speed of the compressor, providing a precise way of maintaining the set temperature, realizing energy savings of up to 30%


3D DC Inverter Besides the compressor motor, both the indoor and outdoor fan motors are brushless DC type. Owing to the function of brushless DC motors, the 3D DC Inverter air conditioner gains higher efficiency and makes quieter operation which helps save more energy and enhance comfort. • High Efficiency Motor A DC inverter A/C uses magnetic force to operate, reducing power consumption • High Reliability Material To realize longer life span • High Reliability and lower noise Deliver stable performance with less vibration • DC Twin-rotary Inverter (Dual Inverter compressor) • 60°C Tropical inverter compressor • Consistent-high performance • Auto cooling system • . Technical Specification Cooling capacity 30800 (12000-35000) btu/h Cooling input 26000 (1050-3300) Watts Rated current 11.53A EER 11.85 (Btu/h)/w Heating capacity 32414 (11940-37532) Watts Cooling input 2570 (1040-3250) W Rated current 11.39A COP 3.7 W/W Max input consumption 4300W Max current 23a Compressor Twin Rotary DC Inverter Indoor fan motor BLDC motor Indoor air flow 1650/1560/1330/1170 (hi/mi/lo) Indoor noise level 25/49/46/42 dB(A) indoor dimensions 1350/272/365mm (WxDxH) Indoor weight 20.5kg Outdoor noise level 61dB(A) Outdoor dimensions 946x420x810mm (WxDxH) Outdoor weight 68.1 kg Max Operating temperature Indoor (cooling/ heating) 17-32/0-30 Max Operating temperature outdoor (cooling/ heating) 0-52

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