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220-230V 50Hz. Multi-Split Air Conditioners. Cooling / Heating capacity Total 22,000 BTU. Indoor units (9,000 BTU + 12,000 BTU). Heat and Cool, Multi Square Flow. Multi Split Wall Type. Dual Zone.

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220-230V 50Hz. Multi-Split Air Conditioners. Cooling / Heating capacity Total 22,000 BTU. Indoor units (9,000 BTU + 12,000 BTU). Heat and Cool, Multi Square Flow. Multi Split Wall Type. Dual Zone.

Whirlpool AMB892
220-230Volt 50Hz. Multi-Split Air Conditioners. Cooling / Heating capacity Total 22,000 BTU. Indoor units (9,000 BTU + 12,000 BTU). Heat and Cool, Multi Square Flow. Multi Split Wall Type. Dual Zone.Dehumidifies and softly cools the room air, Re-circulates and filters the room air with anti allergy, dust reduction and deodorization technology, I Feel climate control automatically selects best of six operating systems, Sleep with adjustable temperature smart operation system, Fan Only operation which simply re-circulates and filters the room air, Semko Approved, CE Approved, Low noise operation, Whirlpool swing flap design with easy remote operation features, Whirlpool compressors are 10% more efficient that any other compressors, Whirlpool has 70% fewer moving parts which will have less chance of callbacks, Whirlpool has latest eight times quieter reciprocating technology, Each unit comes with complete tubing kits, New scroll and rotary type compressors.

Product Specification:


Product Type:        Multi-Split Air Conditioners


Product Specification (030904)

Model No.                                 AM-09X2HR4ND2                                          AM-09+12HR4ND2

Type                                          Split type, Cooling and Heating


CoolingCapacity(Btu/h)A/B     9000/9000                                                       9000/12000

Heating Capacity (Btu/h)A/B)       9000/9000                                                       9000/12600

Rated Input (w) Cooling(A/B)       1800                                                               2200

                       Heating(A/B)       1750                                                               2100

Moisture Removal (L/H.r)(A/B)    0.9/0.9                                                            0.9/1.5

Air Circulation (CMH Max)(A/B)  420/420                                                          420/580

EER for Cooling (Btu/h.w)(A/B)   10                                                                  9.5

COP for Heating (w/w)(A/B)        3.02                                                                3.02


Refrigerant                                 R407c/1140gx2                                                R407c/1140x2

Power Supply                                                                                                   

Volt/Phase/Hz                             220-240V~/1P/50Hz

Rated Current (A)                       Cooling(A/B)                                                   9.6         11

                       Heating(A/B)       9.1                                                                 10.7

LRA (A)(A/B)                             21X2                                                              21/30

Noise Level (dB (A))      Indoor Unit                                                                 High       35         35/37

                                     Low     27                                                                  27/30

                       Outdoor Unit       61                                                                  61


Compressor type                        Rotary                                                            Rotary

Compressor Model No.(A/B)        PG165X1C-4FT2                                             PG225X2C-4FT+ PG165X1C-4FT2

Compressor MFG                       TOSHIBA                                                       TOSHIBA

Expansion Device                       Capillary                                                          Capillary

Evaporator                                 Copper and Aluminum

Condenser                                  Copper and Aluminum


LCD Wireless Remote Controller  Yes                                                                 Yes

Removable and washable Panel     Yes                                                                 Yes

Washable PP Filter                      Yes                                                                 Yes

Active Charcoal Filter                  Optional                                                          Optional

Electrostatic Filter                       Optional                                                          Optional

HEPA Filter                                Optional                                                          Optional

LTC Filter                                  Optional                                                          Optional

24 Hours Timer                          Yes                                                                 Yes

3 Speed Control                          Yes                                                                 Yes

Vertical Auto Swing Louver          Yes                                                                 Yes

Horizontal Auto Swing Louver      No                                                                  No

Sleep Operation                          Yes                                                                 Yes

Smart Function                           Yes                                                                 Yes

Jet Function                               Yes                                                                 Yes

Compressor Indicator                  Yes                                                                 Yes

Auto Restart                               Yes                                                                 Yes


Dimensions WxHxD (mm)(A/B)  Indoor Unit        (800x270x168)x2           800x270x168+


                              Outdoor Unit                                                                      832x702x380       832x702x380

Net Weight (Kg)(A/B)                  Indoor Unit                                                      9x2         9+11

                              Outdoor Unit                                                                      63          70

Packing Dimensions WxHxD

(mm)(A/B)        Indoor Unit        (890x350x240)X2          890x350x240


                              Outdoor Unit                                                                      970x765x410       970x765x410

Gross Weight (Kg)(A/B)              Indoor Unit                                                      11x2       11+14

                              Outdoor Unit                                                                      69          76

Loading Capacity

(40 /40 HC )                              126/140                                                          126/140

Approvals                                  CE,                                                                 CE,



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