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The CR64 telephone system may be used to provide phone service in an isolated area where phone service is currently unavailable. A maximum of 64 users may utilize up to 16 telephone lines. A user may connect any RJ-11 compatible device (such a fax machine, computer modem, or a "regular" corded telephone) to his remote subscriber terminal.

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The CR64 telephone system may be used to provide phone service in an isolated area where phone service is currently unavailable.  A maximum of 64 users may utilize up to 16 telephone lines.  A user may connect any RJ-11 compatible device (such a fax machine, computer modem, or a "regular" corded telephone) to his remote subscriber terminal.  Past customers for this system include off shore oil companies and small towns in remote areas.  In our illustration below, 4 users share 2 telephone lines.


The illustration above works well in relatively flat areas.  The CR64 system is adaptable to almost any topography.  If there is a large obstruction (such as a mountain) between the base station and the remote subscriber terminal, a repeater is used. The repeater will be mounted toward the top of the obstruction and will be used to deliver a proper signal to the remote subscriber terminal.  The repeater may also be used to extend the range of the system as the below illustration shows







The entrepreneur may wish to take note - the CR64 system is capable of tracking all calls made and received by a remote terminal.  One of our customers set up a 8 line system in a remote location in Alaska.  He charges a monthly fee for the rental of the remote subscription terminal AND a per minute fee for usage.  The system quickly paid for itself and the owner continues to generate residual income on a monthly basis.  The town's residents have no other alternative for phone service..  Our customer has an effective telephone monopoly on the town.


The CR family of phones undergo extensive quality control testing including accelerated life and radio shelf tests.  The remote unit provides fully transparent service to standard telephone instruments (including fax machines, computer modems, etc) connected to it.  All class service and features available at the telephone line will be available at the remote location.


The system is available in several different combinations of power output and frequencies.  When used in conjunction with one of our high power long range cordless phones, the user can realistically attain a communication range of well over 150km from the nearest telephone line.  Notable features of this state-of-the-art package include:


4 lines expandable to 16 lines with up to 64 users

Range of up to 100km, longer with repeater or companion long range phone

Any portion of the system may be mounted outside in a weather resistant shell to protect the unit from the elements

Data capable at speeds up to 19.6k bps

Fully programmable operating frequencies

Programmable FR power control (1-10, 5-20, 15-35, and 30-50 watts)

Available in VHF or UHF configuration

Superior audio clarity The compressor on the transmission end of the system compresses the audio on available band width.  On the receiving end of the system the expander expands the audio back to the original level, eliminating and noise picked up during transmission.

Military tough Motorola"! Synthesized RF modules

Full duplex intercom between the base station and remote subscriber terminal.

Manufactured to telco specifications and designed to match any local switching system

100% duty cycle provisions delivers solid, smooth, and efficient communication at any power setting

Multiple remote subscriber terminals may use the same base station

Local area operation allows the user to program receiver to offer additional interference protection when used in a congested urban area

Wide band frequency separation

38 Programmable CTCSS and DTMF encoding/decoding is incorporated into the design providing infinite levels of security and privacy preventing false ringing and unauthorized use of the telephone line. 

Reverse polarity, faulty antenna, and telephone line lighting protection are standard features

Optional Scrambler ensures secure communication

Optional auto-attendant and call processor

The CR64 may be configured as a point to point system, or used in conjunction with an installed car phone and/or portable unit.  Custom configurations (see our base station to hot air balloon example below) are available.


The CR64 base station is connected to the telephone line.  The base station is fitted with a high gain YAGI antenna which delivers a powerful narrow signal beam directed toward the remote subscriber terminal.  The remote subscriber terminal, located up to 100km away from the base station, receives the signal and generates a dial tone.  Any RJ-11 compatible device (including an off the shelf corded/cordless telephone, fax machine, computer modem, etc) may be connected to the remote terminal and used as if it were plugged into a regular wall outlet.  The user may now send and receive faxes, access the internet at speeds of up to 19.6k bps (the CR810 is available for faster speeds), and so forth. 


If the user requires a communication distance of more than 100km, or if there is a large obstruction such as a mountain between the base station and the remote terminal, a repeater may be used.  The repeater will act as a "bridge" between the base station and the remote terminal.  The repeater may be housed in a weather proof shell and may be powered from solar cells or wind or any other conventional power source. The repeater will amplify the signal it receives from the base station and direct the signal toward the remote subscriber terminal located up to an additional 100km away.  ACS can take the communication range even further.





As you may recall, any RJ-11 compatible device may be connected to the remote subscriber terminal.  Why not connect one of our small hand-held long range phone systems (such as the 910R for 8km, the 768 for 30km, the Star2k for 80km, etc) for additional coverage around the remote subscriber terminal.  In our example we will use the 768R, which offers a communication range of 30km, as our portable long range handset.  See the illustration below to clarify this concept.





Using this configuration with a repeater, the user will have a communication range of over 200km from the nearest phone line.  This system will deliver crisp clean sound quality in full duplex mode, and allow the user to maintain a reliable internet/fax connection.  This system is manufactured to withstand year after year of rigorous use.  The user can realistically utilize the system for dedicated internet access, staying connected for weeks at a time.  The system will not fail due to continuous use. 



We were contacted by a customer in Africa who gave us the following scenario:


Operates a family owned hot air balloon company located approximately 30km from the nearest phone line.  The topography from the phone line to the business is flat, with little obstruction. 

There is no A/C power at the business location, only a generator for emergency use.

Cellular service is not available.  Satellite phone service was currently being used ($2-7/min with no internet/fax connection). 

The customers of the balloon company travel (in the balloon) up to an additional 20km away from the point where they took off. 

The owner desired to stay in touch with his hot air balloon pilot AND have communications in his vehicle (a Range Rover with a rather large ram bumper we are told!).

The owner saw our add in a magazine and sent us a fax to see if we could help.  We responded with our recommendation:


A CR20 system (similar to the CR64 but only one line) outfitted with YAGI antennas on each end.  Because there is no A/C power at the remote location, a solar power system with battery backup would be used to power the CR20 remote terminal. 

A 404V long range phone with 3 portable handsets would be connected to the CR20 remote terminal.  The result would be that the portable long range handsets could be used within a 35km radius of the remote terminal.  The handsets could also communicate with one another in full duplex radio mode (without tying up the phone line). 


We would outfit the owner s Range Rover with a car antenna system that connects directly to his handset.  All of the employees would be able to communicate with one another as long as they are within 35km of the hot air balloon business.  We even told the owner he could hook up a fax machine at his remote location; it would obtain power from the solar cells used by the CR20 remote.



The business owner quickly placed an order and is very happy with his system.  He called us from his hot air balloon to ask if we buy used satellite phones!  He will never pay expensive per minute charges again.


The CR64 is designed for use in the harshest operating environments.  It may be expanded to include multiple remote units that operate off of the same telephone line or multiple telephone lines (up to 16 lines).  The CR64 includes software used to track calls for billing purposes.


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