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328RR up to 100km, Data Capable

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328RR up to 100km, Data Capable





The 328RR is the most advanced system we offer at any price. This state-of-the-art unit packs a range of up to 100km (when used with our optional amplifiers) and features a small, light, and durable handset. Many advanced features, including military grade encryption and exceptional battery life, are found in this ISO9001 quality certified system.



The 328RR functions as a completely independent wireless PBX. This functionality allows users to transfer calls between handsets, utilize an intercom feature between handsets, place calls on hold, and more. Users may also integrate this system with their existing PBX and/or voice mail system. The below case study details how one of our customers used this exceptional system:


Case Study

Our customer owns a private island resort and has 15 key employees to manage the resort's affairs. The island has an office building with a traditional PBX telephone system. Each of the employees has an extension off of the PBX, and they can make/receive calls while in the office building. The problem is that most employees are usually out of the office - giving visitors a tour of the island, picking them up from the boat dock, working on the landscaping, etc. Management and outside callers need a more efficient way of reaching resort employees. Ideally management would like to be able to communicate with all employees at all times, no matter where on the island the employees are.



A 328RR system is configured to work in conjunction with the resort's existing PBX. Each employee is given a portable handset which will ring whenever a caller dials that employee's extension number. If the call is not answered, the call will automatically revert to voice mail or another predetermined handset. Employees will be able to make/receive calls anywhere on the island, and two-way "walkie talkie" style communication between other users is possible at any time. Calls may be transferred between handsets and/or the base station, and individual handsets may receive a broadcast announcement from the base station. Each employee has a dedicated telephone line with a two-way radio feature. The system administrator may restrict certain handsets from making outgoing calls, to only make/receive two-way radio (walkie-talkie) style calls, and so on.



The 328RR is integrated with many advanced features including:



Clear, landline quality voice transmission up to 100km from the telephone line (optional amplifiers required for maximum range)

Military grade voice scrambler keeps your private conversations private

Data capable - access the internet, send faxes, use a credit card point of sale terminal and more (optional SX30 data adapter required)





Other features

Vibration alert, handset speaker phone, caller ID, caller ID waiting, base station speaker phone, programmable security restrictions (limit handsets to receive calls only, make local calls only, etc), call transfer between handsets, intercom feature - handset to handset and base to handset(s), real time clock, 30 number alphanumeric phonebook, customizable audible ring tones, Backlit LCD and handset keypad, Handset Smart Switch (similar to Sony Jog Dial"!) and more.


All components of the system are ISO9001 certified, the highest quality certification a manufacturer may obtain. Made in TAIWAN - our precision system sets the standard for quality, reliability, and durability.



The 328RR may begin as a single line/one handset system, and is easily expanded as the user's needs dictate. The system can evolve into a multi-user/multi-line wireless network by simply adding handsets and/or base stations. The 328RR is completely customizable and the communication range of the system is easily increased through the use of linear amplifiers. PBX (business telephone) features include call transfer capability. If a call is transferred and the target handset doesn t answer after the designated (user programmable) waiting time, the call will revert back to the original handset. Users can program a wait time from 15-55 seconds. Handsets may be programmed to only allow outgoing calls, only accept incoming calls, and so on. Exceptional battery life is attained through the system's advanced power management software. The phone uses the minimum level of power necessary to maintain a clear connection (consuming the least power when the handset is in close proximity to the base). The standard battery delivers an unbelievable 4 hours of talk-time. If you require a sophisticated wireless communication network, or simply the ultimate cordless phone for your personal use, look no further than the revolutionary 328RR.



Base System Price



- Base Station with AC Adapter (100-240V)

- Handset

- Nimh battery

- Piece RJ-11 telephone wire

- Owner's Manual





Remember - your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money will be refunded immediately.*



We have grouped our most popular accessories into specially priced packages. By far the best value, these packages offer a saving of up to 30% over buying the package items separately.


Package Options - Best Value


US$998 Package savings $244

Standard Package contents plus:

- Factory External Antenna w/ 8M Cable

- Ear Microphone with Adapter

- Leather Case with Swivel Belt Clip

- Desktop Charger for Handset

- 2nd Battery (Lithium Ion) for Handset

- Handset DC Power Cord (for Car)



  328RR PRO PACK Level II 45km

US$1498 Package savings $442

Pro Pack contents plus:

- G2 Base Station Amplifier

- Ultra High Performance Antenna

- 30M Antenna Cable



 328RR PRO PACK Level III 70km

US$1798 Package savings $641

Pro Pack Level II contents plus:

- G2 Mobile Handset Amplifier



 328RR PRO PACK Level IV 100km

US$2198 Package savings $890

Pro Pack Level III contents plus:

- G3 25w Base Station Amplifier

(in place of 7w G2 base amplifier)







Special promotion for Pro Pack Level III and IV users - Upgrade the to the G3m portable handset amplifier (in place of the G2m vehicle handset amplifier) for only $99.






Optional Accessories:

Note - many of the below accessories are contained in the "Professional Packages" (above) 

 External Factory Antenna $169 

 Increases communication range of the 328RR up to 15km, includes cable



 G2 Base Station Linear Amplifier (7W) $698 

 Increase communication range of the system up to 45km. Includes ultra high performance antenna and 30m cable.



 G3 Base Station Linear Amplifier (25W) $1149 

 When used in conjunction with the G2m or G3m handset amplifier (below) the system range is increased to 100km. Note - this powerful base amplifier requires the G2m or G3m handset amplifier for maximum effectiveness. When used by itself the range is virtually the same as the G2 (7W) Linear Amplifier.



 G2m Handset Linear Amplifier (for use in a vehicle) $498 

 Increase communication range of the system up to 70km when used in conjunction with the G2 (7W) Base Station Amplifier or 100km when used in conjunction with the G3 (25W) Base Station Amplifier. Note - this unit requires the G2 (7W) or G3 (25W) base station linear amplifier for maximum effectiveness.



 G3m Portable Handset Linear Amplifier $739 

 This portable amplifier hooks right to your phone handset and allows you maximum range without being confined to a vehicle. Increase communication range of the system up to 70km when used in conjunction with the G2 (7W) Base Station Amplifier or 100km when used in conjunction with the G3 (25W) Base Station Amplifier. Note - this unit requires the G2 (7W) or G3 (25W) base station linear amplifier for maximum effectiveness.



 SX30 Data Adapter $798 fixed site or $698 mobile 

 Allows data transmission from a remote location (mobile or fixed site configurations available).



 Additional Handset Kit $398 

 Includes nimh battery and desktop rapid charger with A/C adapter.



 Independent Desktop Charger $69 

 Allows charging of the handset when away from the base. Includes AC adapter






Base Unit Transmit Freq: 394MHz

Receive Freq: 268MHz

RF Power: 1W

Power Source: AC 110/60Hz AC 220/50Hz DC 12V

Dimensions: 172 x 158 x 93mm

Weight: 470g

Modulation Type: FM

 Remote Unit Transmit Freq: 268MHz

Receive Freq: 394MHz

RF Power: 450mW

Power Source: 3.6V 600mAh Ni-CD Battery

Dimensions: 130 x 48 x 30mm

Weight: 176g

Modulation Type: FM




*If you are not absolutely satisfied with your system, you may return it for a full refund within 10 days of receipt. The system must be returned in brand new condition with all original packaging and manuals. Shipping charges are non refundable. Used systems subject to restocking fee or refusal.


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328RR up to 100km, Data Capable
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