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Around the world, Canon products are synonymous with optical excellence, advanced image processing, and superb performance. And Canon projectors are no exception.

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The Brightness You Need

 With its 2500 ANSI lumens lamp, the LV-7265 is among the brightest of Canon's portable XGA resolution projectors. Even in a classroom or office with high levels of ambient light, your audience will be sure to see every brilliant detail of your presentation. You can even use your LV-7265 to present in front of large audiences in conference and boardroom environments. And you'll be able to use that brightness longer, thanks to a Long Life Lamp which delivers up to 3000 hours of use in Quiet Mode.

The Sharpness You Expect

The LV-7265 offers native XGA (1024x768) resolution for your images, making it a perfect match for your laptop computer. In addition, the LV-7265 supports both UXGA and SXGA resolution through high-quality compression. You can also project digital input with no loss in quality thanks to the LV-7265's DVI Input. It enables you to have an all-digital connection between the projector and your input source. With no signal conversion to analog RGB, what you send to the LV-7265 is what you see on the screen in front of you.

Canon Optical Performance

 Superior clarity and color are the hallmarks of Genuine Canon projection lenses. And with a 1.6x Zoom, the new LV-7265 is perfect for small rooms, allowing you to project bigger images from shorter distances. The LV-7265's short throw distance means you can project that crisp image on a 100" screen that's as close as 9'2" away from the projector.

The LV-7265 also features five automatic image modes and one User (custom) mode:

Presentation Ideal for presentations using PowerPoint

Video For projecting standard video, such as TV broadcasts

Cinema For projecting film-based video, such as movies (DVD or HDTV)

Standard When maximum color accuracy is desired for viewing graphics

sRGB For reproducing color adapted to the sRGB color space; suitable for sRGB content

User (custom) A customizable mode that allows users to modify gamma and other settings. Gamma adjustment is useful for images that are too dark or too bright.

The LV-7265 features enhanced Wall Color Correction, allowing you to project onto non-white surfaces such as a chalkboard or wall. Select from several wall color options including greenboard, greenboard gray, light yellow, light green, light blue, sky blue, light rose and pink for quick adaptive color correction. The image you project will be closer in appearance to how it would look when projected on a white background.

Easy To Use Flexibility

Weighing in at only 6.8 lbs. (3.1 kg) and measuring only 12.2"w x 10.4"d x 4.3"h (310mm x 265mm x 109mm), the LV-7265 is both lightweight and versatile, making it a preferred choice for those on the go.

Once at your destination, the LV-7265 gives you further flexibility by adapting to the environment. With Automatic Keystone Adjustment, for example, you simply place your projector on a flat surface. Built-in sensors detect the tilt of the projector and automatically correct for keystone distortion up to +/- 30 degrees vertically (of course, you can still adjust keystone correction manually).

The LV-7265 can operate as a front- or rear-screen projector and can be mounted on the ceiling.

For enhanced Wall Color Correction, the greenboard mode lets you project onto non-white surfaces, such as a chalkboard. Select from eight different wall color options for quick adaptive color correction, making the projected images closer in appearance to how they would look when projected on a white background.

Naturally, your LV-7265 does all this while still running at a low 35dB in Normal Mode and 29dB in Quiet Mode. It also boasts Quick Start and Quick Cooling, starting up in about eight seconds and cooling down within 30 seconds. The Automatic Power Off Timer gives you eight selectable presets with timing between 30 minutes and 16 hours.

During your presentation, you'll also be able to stay focused thanks to the LV-7265's Wireless IR Remote Control, intuitive on-screen menus and user-friendly control panel.

The newly-designed wireless remote gives you control over a range of functions, including:

Auto PC Adjustment for optimizing the image quality of an RGB source

Source Select for choosing between four different input sources

Mouse Control for full control of a connected computer (with the addition of a remote mouse receiver in your PC's USB port)

Buttons are grouped and arranged in a smooth flow from top to bottom in order of each main function, making projector and presentation control more simple than ever.

On LV-7265 projectors, the remote control can also be paired with the supplied remote mouse receiver, allowing you to wirelessly control your computer from across a room. Mouse control is enabled by connecting the projector's remote mouse receiver to your PC's USB port and a drag-and-drop feature makes it easier than ever to use.

The user-friendly control panel, meanwhile, lets you control volume, make menu selections and easily switch between four different input sources with the touch of a button and displays settings on-screen with clearly labeled adjustments.

Versatile Connectivity

Always ready for diverse input sources, the LV-7265 projector offers you effortless connection to laptops and desktop computers, DVD players, digital cameras and camcorders, VCRs, and other devices. In particular, thanks to the high-quality component video connection, the LV-7265 is ideal for DVD and HDTV (1080i, 720p, 575p, 575i, 480p, and 480i).

For projecting video, the LV-7265 eliminates distracting, noise-like interference (caused, for example, by pinstriped clothing or intricate line patterns). Subtle flickering of subtitles is also prevented.

The projector's Analog VGA Out terminal further allows users to connect the projector to an external monitor-a practical feature in settings where the projector is hooked up to a desktop PC, not a laptop.

Enlarged Analog RGB Projection

Enlarged DVI-I Projection (Digital RGB)

This DVI-I high-speed interface allows you to keep an all-digital connection between your source and the projector. By avoiding the conversion needed by an analog RGB interface, high signal integrity is maintained and your projected images are as sharp as they leave your source.


Projector Specifications

Native Resolution                                                           6.8 lbs. (3.1 kg)

 Brightness                                                                      2500 Lumens

 Uniformity                                                                      85%

 Contrast                                                                         600:1

 Digital Keystone (Vertical)                                            +/- 30 degrees (Auto/Manual)



Projection Lens                                                               VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, HDTV, DTV

 Lens Shift                                                                       9:1, Fixed

 Zoom                                                                              1.6x manual

 Screen Size                                                                     25" - 300"

 Throw Distance                                                              3.5 - 27.7ft (1.1 - 8.4m) / 100": 9.2 - 14.3ft (2.8 - 4.3m)


Input Signals

Scanning Frequency                                                        H:15 ~ 100 kHz , V: 50 ~ 120 Hz, Dot clock: 108 MHz

 Analog PC Input                                                             VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, HDTV, DTV

 Video/S-Video Input                                                       NTSC/PAL/SECAM/NTSC4.43/PAL-M/PAL-N/PAL-60

 Component Input                                                           Mini D-sub 15pin, RCA x1, RCA x2, Mini DIN 4pin, Stereo mini jack VGA Computer Support (PC/MAC)   UXGA/SXGA/XGA/SVGA/VGA



(Output) Stereo Mini Jack                                               RCA x2, Stereo mini jack

 Built-in Speaker                                                              1 Watt Monaural


Network                                                                           Yes

Lamp Life (Normal/Quiet)                                               200 watt UHP


Remote Control                                                              

Sensor                                                                             Yes (includes laser pointer)


Power Consumption

(Normal/Quiet/Stand-By)                                               (Normal/Quiet/Stand-by): 285W / 220W / 9W

 Power Voltage                                                               100-240V, 50-60 Hz Worldwide, 270W

 Dimension (WxHxD)                                                      11.8" x 3.7" x 9.4"

 Weight                                                                           6.4lbs



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