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The platinum series heavy transformer would let you use your US 110 volts appliances overseas and 220 volts items from overseas in US. This transformer also has a fuse protection and is CE APPROVED. This series of transformer is the best in the market.

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This is a 200 watt platinum series transformer. It has a maximum capacity of 200 watts. The product carries a 5 year warranty which includes repairing costs as well as costs of the parts. There are 2 outlets to plug in devices. It has a fuse in case there is a short circuit due to the transformer being overloaded. Apart from this there are 2 spare fuses provided in case of any emergency. It has a weight of 4.62 lbs which makes it portable and easy to transport even to far off destinations. You can order this product here at Sam Stores.

Step up and step down voltage transformer

The platinum series transformers are the best quality voltage converters available in the market.

The transformers are CE APPROVED

These heavy duty transformers come with 5 year WARRANTY!!!

2 outlets for output to plug in your devices

Fuse Protected

2 Spare Fuses Included


FREE grounded plug adapter for European/Asian/African 2 round prongs

1 USA Grounded 110 volts outlet and 1 Universal 220 volts outlet

Dimensions (W x H x D):  3.7 x 3.6 x 5.2 in.

Weight: 4.62lbs.


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