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220 Volts Compressor

220 Volts Compressor

220 volts compressor is an example of 220 volts power tools. These tools are ideal for people who perform different mechanical tasks regularly. They make handling different mechanical tasks easy and efficient. There is a wide range of these power tools in the market today and they are available in different brands and designs.

An air compressor that is designed to run on 220 volts can be used to create and employ compressed air in powering pneumatic tools such as staplers, paint sprayers and impact wrenches. It can be used by a technician, contractor or a do-it-yourselfer who use such pneumatic tools while framing, finishing work, roofing, performing body works and even automotive repairs. They are also used by homeowners during home improvement projects. You can also use this compressor with light applications such as inflating sports equipment and tires.

Whether you need an air compressor for your household or professional use, a 220 volts compressor will perform almost any task. This compressor is easy to use and most homeowners have it in their homes even if it is for occasional use with pneumatic tools. To some people, this compressor is ideal for them because their hobbies entail using pneumatic tools more often.


For professionals such as technicians, plumbers and roofers, this air compressor is very important because it can be used with different pneumatic tools. Since it runs on 220 volts which is a common voltage in most modern homes, using it in varied applications and homes becomes easier. Thus, most professionals prefer the 220 volts compressor due to its compatibility with the power supplies in most homes where they offer their services.

This compressor is available in two models. There is the oil-less and oiled air compressor. Air compressor uses a piston to draw in air. This air is compressed in a tank where it is stored. To enhance efficiency, piston chamber has to be lubricated adequately and this is why oiled compressors use oil. The oil-free compressor on the other hand has a pre-lubricated cylinder which ensures permanent lubrication. This implies that, while oiled compressor requires regular oiling, oil-free compressor does not require lubrication.

Nevertheless, regardless of the compressor that you choose the ability of this compressor to run on 220 volts makes it ideal for use with different pneumatic tools and in different applications. 220 volts compressor enhances efficiency and convenience for both professionals and household do-it-yourselfers.