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UM-V3 Hybrid Inverter 5000W 48V MPPT Bluetooth

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Operated with or without batteries: it has a conventional battery operation but also has the possibility to do so without batteries. The device supplies the charges directly with the power of the solar cells during consumption below solar production. When consumption is higher than solar production, the device will mark the No.15 warning for solar energy insufficient photovoltaic power and allow the network to penetrate when there is no power failure. After 10 minutes you will calculate and if conditions have changed and you can power the loads as the power of the panels exceeds consumption, will work again in solar mode by removing the net.
Input of solar cells up to 450Vdc: One of the most important innovations is that the 80A mppt allows the connection of up to 12 modules in series of 60 cells, so we do not need a parallel combination box. With a single string, we can connect all solar cells in row, which makes the wiring thicker and can cover long distances without voltage drop. We can use a parallel if you need to fill the photovoltaic field with the 4500 W
Up to 4500W on solar panels: allows you to manage a photovoltaic field at 4500W. By configurating 14 panels with approx. 340W with serial 7 module connection, we can reach the 4500W that the device allows. This hybrid inverter manages the energy to power direct consumption and charge the excess battery
DETACHABLE DISPLAY AND BLUETOOTH: The detachable display allows you to position it in a different place than the inverter and the WatchPower app allows you to remotely monitor the device information via a mobile device. The team has daily consumption and production statistics.
80A MPPT controller and up to 500 volts in open circuit for use of 60 or 72 cells in series with up to 12 or 10 solar panels. The photovoltaic inverter requires at least 6 solar cells in series of 60 cells to reach the working voltage. Full charge configuration is 16 panels of 280W, 60 cells in serial parallel connection of 8 photovoltaic modules. The charging voltage of the controller allows it to reach up to 63 volts, so we can use lithium, lead, gel or AGM batteries.
Replaceable fan

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