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" Brand MASTER U-POWER Item dimensions L x W x H 11.5 x 30 x 40 centimetres Frequency 50 Hz"

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DETACHABLE DISPLAY AND BLUETOOTH: The detachable display allows you to position it in a different place than the inverter and the WatchPower app allows you to remotely monitor the computer's information via a mobile device. The device has daily consumption and production statistics
Up to 4000W on solar plates: the new inverter allows you to manage a photovoltaic field at 4000W. By configurating 16 panels with approx. 250W in a parallel connection with 8 modules, we can reach the 4000W, which allows the equipment. This hybrid inverter would control up to 200000W. W to supply direct consumption
MPPT controller from 80 to 500 volts in open circuit for use of 24 volt and 60 or 72 cells in series with up to 12 solar plates. The photovoltaic inverter requires at least 6 solar cells in series of 60 cells to achieve the working voltage, its setup at full charge is 16 panels of 2 panels of 2 panels. 50W 60W 6cells with parallel connection of 8 photovoltaic modules; the charging voltage of the controller allows you to reach 31.5 volts, so that we can use lead acid, gel or AGM batteries
The inverter is a powerful pure sine wave inverter that has no problems with electrical devices up to 3000 W. High overload power allows you to work 110% within minutes and double its power for 5 seconds to start engines and start inductive loads
Replaceable fan

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