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220Volt 50 Hz Single Ph commercial ice maker with Produces up to 280lbs of ice every 24 hours, Makes dice style cubes, Built-In Storage Bin capacity of 100 lbs.

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Manitowoc QD0272A

* 220Volt 50 Hz Single Ph commercial ice maker

* Produces up to 280lbs of ice every 24 hours

* Makes dice style cubes

* Built-In Storage Bin capacity of 100 lbs

* Measures 30" wide x 28 1/8" deep x 38 1/2" high on 6" adjustable legs

* Slide up and in bin door tucks under ice machine top cover

* Patented ice damper maximizes ice storage capacity

* Stainless steel exterior with the fit and finish of an appliance

* patented cleaning and sanitizing technology

* R-404A CFC-refrigerant


Difference between AIR COOLED & WATER COOLED


The refrigeration system in ice machines have to be cooled during operations because of the heat that is generated during the mechanical process. These are the two types: Air Cooled or Water Cooled



*Air cooled:

1 Good-Uses less water- It is cooled by a fan

2 Good-Better for environment

3 Bad-Has a tendency to heat the room where it is located more than water cooled

4 Bad-Little noisier than water cooled

5 Good-Most popular

*Water cooled:

1 Good-Quieter than air cooled

2 Good-More energy efficient

3 Good-Does not raise room temperature

4 Bad-Cost for water cooled is in some cases higher

5 Bad-A lot more water is used which some consider to be a waste

6 Bad-Water bill is higher

7 Bad-Water filtration systems have to be changed more frequently because of water usage



These are the good and the bad for both. It's simply the way in which the systems are cooled


This appliance is not designed for use in America


only for countries that use 220V/240V electrical outlets.


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