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Trident Line

The Quiet Cool patented line of whole house cooling and ventilation fans have revolutionized the residential cooling industry. Open the window and let a Quiet Cool system exchange your stale hot air for cool air 15-20 times per hour and reduce your A/C related energy costs by 50-90% and see your electricity bills plunge! Using an innovative (and patented) self-contained acoustical ducted system to separate the fan motor-head from the ceiling intake grill, our ducted fans sound "whisper quiet" within the home, making the loud, old-fashioned attic fan obsolete. Our whole house fans also include an airtight gravity damper system that seals shut when the fan is turned off, thus preventing air back flow into the house, while providing an above-industry standard R-5 insulation value. Just like our Stealth line of Whole House fans, our Trident line has a 15 year warranty and is sold exclusively through our network of Quiet Cool,the Trident line also features a two-speed single motor fan with an R5 insulation value.

Not many people can efficiently cool down their homes in the summers. Air conditioning management can result in some hefty cooling bills but there seems to be no other way to dial down humidity from homes. Nonetheless, with the introduction of Trident Line, that is no longer the case. It is an adequate alternative to trim back on the AC running or even do away with it altogether.

Trident Line works by pulling in cool air from the outside and circulating it throughout the home while pushing out the entire nasty humid and stale breeze from the attic. This method of cooling homes is becoming increasingly popular as it allows the cool air to stay in for as long as possible, no matter how harsh and humid the climate conditions are. That way, there is little to no need to operate the cooling systems and a lot more energy is saved.

Trident Line is specially designed to be connected to an existing electrical circuit without reforming the configurations of the circuit. The installation is further easy and quick and will not cost you much in a professional fitting. Also, you will be able to make up for the installation costs in energy savings many times over anyway.

A right size Trident Line can back as much efficiency as attainable, reduce electricity bills and provide cool and even temperatures throughout the home. This type of energy savings and cost-cutting is impossible with other cooling systems. If you want to enjoy cleaner, fresher and cooler air throughout the year, but are not willing to exert hefty amounts in the running and maintenance of cooling systems, then you can purchase a Trident Line from Sam Stores.