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Classic Whole House Fan Line

The Quiet Cool patented line of whole house cooling and ventilation fans have revolutionized the residential cooling industry. Open the window and let a Quiet Cool system exchange your stale hot air for cool air 15-20 times per hour and reduce your A/C related energy costs by 50-90% and see your electricity bills plunge! Using an innovative (and patented) self-contained acoustical ducted system to separate the fan motor-head from the ceiling intake grill, our ducted fans sound "whisper quiet" within the home, making the loud, old-fashioned attic fan obsolete. Our whole house fans also include an airtight gravity damper system that seals shut when the fan is turned off, thus preventing air back flow into the house, while providing an above-industry standard R-5 insulation value. The original "Classic" line of whole house fans is perfect for the budget conscious consumer and pay for themselves on average within 1.3 - 1.8 years; the fastest payback period for any "green energy" appliance on the market today.

Are you tired of paying hefty utility bills on your air conditioner throughout the year? You may want to replace the system with a Classic Whole House Fan Line. Similar to air conditioning systems, whole house fan line provides utmost comfort, even in the most humid climate.

Classic Whole House Fan Line enables you to enjoy a sustained cool and fresh natural air throughout the home without the extortionate electricity bills associated with traditional cooling fans. You can install a whole house fan in your attic or the roof. Classic Whole House Fan Line works by setting up a circulation that draws fresh and clean breeze from the outside while expelling former stagnant air from the roof space. This results in considerably cooler and even temperatures throughout your home.

Classic Whole House Fan Line not just provides cooler and cleaner air, but also quickly expels old and stale air along with all the unpleasant odors in your house. With whole house fan line, you can substitute the stale air supply of your home, with a fresher and cleaner one. Another key difference between classic whole house fan line and other air cooling systems is that they consume a fraction of the electricity. By using whole house fan line, you can save up to 90% on your cooling bills.

Bid farewell to those nasty odors, dust, mold, and humidity that’s clinging to the inside of your home. Buy a Classic Whole House Fan Line from Sam Stores and enjoy an evenly cold home and a cleaner, purer air to breathe in – all while lowering your utility bills and carbon footprint.