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Ceiling Mount Fan

For some reason, fan manufacturers have struggled for years trying to design a simple, yet strong and reliable ceiling mount whole house fan. From fancy, motorized damper fans that fail, to noisy attic fans of yesteryear, nobody could seem to get it consistently right. Until now. The QC HV-1000 is a simple dual motor system that installs from below into a ceiling space between 16" on center joists. During operation, gravity damper doors open and when turned off, the damper doors simply close tight maintaining the R 6.8 insulation value; see, no more broken motorized dampers! In the true Quiet Cool tradition, the QC HV 1000 draws just 39 watts of power per motor while blowing 552 CFM per motor, or 1104 CFM total when both motors are in operation. This whole house fan is perfect for homes with insufficient attic crawl space to accommodate a ducted fan, and in particular manufactured homes, offices with drop ceilings, computer rooms, home gyms and many mores....

Ceiling Mount Fan

Hunting for the best course of action to save money on your cooling costs? You may want to look upon installing Ceiling Mount Fans for maximum savings. With a ceiling fan, you can save up to 50% on your cooling bills. They perform efficiently even in the most inhospitable of summers – without making concessions with the cooling performance that comes with Air conditioning system.

Style and Design

While providing utmost comfort, a Ceiling Mount Fan is also designed to go with your home décor. You can choose from an extensive gamut of styles and colors – from quintessential white to contemporary black. Unlike air cooling systems that all look the same, Ceiling Mount Fans are well turned-out and will undoubtedly add up charm and grandeur to any room of your home.

Installation and Maintenance

Ceiling Mount Fans are designed for effortless setup and upkeep in mind. They are undemanding to install, and you will be able to mount your fan without any hassle. You can familiarize yourself with how to mount the fan as intended with the assistance of an instruction manual. Ceiling Mount Fans also entail minimal maintenance, making certain you not only scrimp and save on your utility bills but also on the running costs of the cooling fan.

The aesthetic appeal combined with the optimum performance and the minimal upkeep makes Ceiling Mount Fans worthwhile. At Sam Stores, you can invest in the best Ceiling Mount Fans. Our fans are Energy Star rated, which means that they conform to the requisite guidelines for maximum energy efficiency. So what are you standing by for? Get hold of a Ceiling Mount Fan and secure the peace of mind being aware that your investment is backed by Energy Star ratings.