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Fitness Club Professional treadmill, Folding, Walking machines Load 120kg, Compatible WiFi- Exercise Bike, 7 Inch Touch Screen Color Computer Black Technical Details Brand ‎Fitness Club Colour ‎Black Item Weight ‎50 Kilograms Maximum Weight Capacity ‎120 Kilograms Material ‎Aluminium Item Weight ‎50 kg

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Pay attention to the problem:
When starting the treadmill, it is best to step on both sides of the feet, and then step on the running belt after starting.
At the beginning, the speed changed from slow to fast, and the warm-up exercise started first and gradually accelerated.
When running, it is best to swing your arms and not to rest on the armrests. This is not conducive to the whole body participating in aerobic exercise, and the exercise effect is not so good.
If there is a safety buckle port on the treadmill, it is best to keep the safety buckle on your body when running, so as to avoid injuries caused by not being able to stop the treadmill in time when running fast. (Unplug the safety buckle and the treadmill will stop automatically)
When the treadmill is stopped, the speed should also be from fast to slow, so that the body has a process of reflection, so that when you get off the machine, people will not feel dizzy. If you stop running and get off the treadmill, you will have a sense of dizziness, which can easily make you fall.

Model: JFFH7008
Motor: 1.5HP
Screen size: 7 inches
Extended size: 1450 * 675 * 1160mm
Operating area: 1050 * 400mm.
Foldable size: 970 * 675 * 1275MM
Speed: 1.0-12 km / h
Load capacity: 120 kg.
N / G (multifunctional): 44kg / 50kg

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