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The specialist tool for extremely deep cuts. Up to 95 mm cutting depth for working in steel and stone. Sturdy cutting guide for exact cutting supplied as standard. Bow handle at the machine�s center of gravity ensures consistent weight distribution. Also suitable for dry cutting with diamond disc diameter of up to 300 mm and dust extraction guard. SDS quick-locking nut supplied. Handy grip angled to suit the application. Flat gear head. Starting current limitation for a safe start. Triple-control safety switch with lock. Protective guard quick adjustment. Third securing thread for auxiliary handle, gear housing adjustable by 90� in four directions.

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Bosch GWS 24-300 J + SDS 220V 12 Inch Concrete Cut Off Saw


Rated power input: 2,400 W

No-load speed: 5000 rpm

Power output: 1,670 W

Grinding spindle thread: M 14

Disc diameter: 300 mm

Bore size, diameter: 22.2 mm

Weight without cable: 6.2 kg


GWS 24-300 J + SDS Cutting Grinder 220 Volt, hex screw, protective guard, bow handle, locking flange, back flange, slide and SDS quick-locking nut.

Power Source    Cordless

Voltage                220V


This appliance is not designed for use in America - only for countries that use 220V electrical outlets.

Are you looking for a sturdy cutting tool? If yes, then order Bosch GWS 24-300 J + SDS 220V 12 inch Concrete Cut Off Saw. It is a unique tool for getting exceptionally deep cuts. It can cut up to 95mm cutting depth when you are using it to cut steel and stone. You can also use it for dry cutting with diamond disc and dust extraction guard. It has a triple-control safety switch with a lock and is handy grip angled for easy use.

What you get:

  • Unique tool for extremely deep cuts with power input of 2,400 W
  • Suitable for dry cutting with diamond disc, triple-control safety switch with lock
  • SDS quick-locking nut supplied, Flat gear head


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