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UPS 1500D 220-240 VOLT, 50/60 HZ RATED POWER-1500VA/900W


UPS 1500D 220-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz Rated Power-1500VA/900W

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Sam Stores brings the 1500D, 220 to 240 volts stabilizer that takes care of many issues that are related to power failures. If you have a computer, then there must invariably be important data that is stored in it. While the computer is connected to the main power source, there is always a possibility that it might just shut off randomly. It may be due to complete loss of electric current or also due to an electric surge. This UPS provides relief from all the tensions of electric surge as its battery provides sufficient power to run the appliances so that we could take care of them before they get damaged.

This is the 1500D UPS which is brought to you by Sam Stores. It provides a continuous source of electricity to all the electrical appliances which are connected to it. It provides a continuous 220 volts of current. It can be directly connected to the power source which will charge its batteries while it works as the power source to a variety of electrical appliances. The battery inside is sealed and free of leaks. So there is no danger of the acid inside leaking out of it or in the extreme cases of exploding inside the UPS. You can order your UPS directly by calling the store or buy it online.

* 220-240 Volt/ 50-60 Hz, UPS System
* 1500 VA Rated Power
* 900 Watts backup power
* 230±10%/ 240±10% Output
* Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid Battery
* 2X12V/10Ah Battery Capacity
* LCD indicator status
* 12 min. Battery backup
* 8 Hours typical recharge time
* <45dBA audible Noise
* <10 ms transfer time
* Audible Alarm Battery mode
* CE Approval.

Product Specification:


Unit Weight:40 Lb.

Shipping Dimension:12"H x 20.5"W x 8.75"D

Shipping Weight:42 Lb

Product Type:UPS System

Does power failure make you frustrated?  There is nothing to worry if you have installed UPS 1500D 220-240 Volt, 50/60 HZ Rated Power-1500VA/900W to take care of issues related to power failures.  This device provides relief from all the tensions of power failures.  This device will help you take care of your electrical appliances before they get damaged. It will provide you an interrupted flow of electricity to all your electrical devices connected to it. You will enjoy using this product as it is stuffed with a number of features.

What you get

·         1500 VA Rated Power,  900 Watts backup power

·         LCD indicator status, 12 min. Battery backup

·         8 Hours typical recharge time, Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid Battery

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