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SPEED QUEEN ST050 50 LB TUMBLE DRYER FOR 120V, 200-208/240V, 380V, 440V, 460�480V,230�240V


For more than a century, Speed Queen has built a legacy on providing equipment that stands up to any commercial laundry challenge

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For more than a century, Speed Queen has built a legacy on providing equipment that stands up to any commercial laundry challenge. We make no compromises in performance. We refuse to be outdone in reliability and e?ciency. Our commitment to quality is only matched by our commitment to your success. The result? The most pro?table machines in the industry — bar none.


The faster and more efficient your tumble dryers are, the more profitable your store will be. Our 50 and 75 lb tumble dryers feature large cylinders and a design that emphasizes speed and e?ciency. These tumble dryers are perfect for drying oversized items such as quilts and your customers’ largest loads.


Extra-large stainless steel doors and heavy-duty hinges ensure these machines will stand up to the repeated use of high-traffic vended laundries. Speed Queen Tumble dryers feature an all-belt drive system, which means they’re less noisy and cheaper to maintain. Our fine mesh lint screen is self-cleaning, depositing lint into a large storage area for easy, once-per-day removal. Our patented cylinder design allows drywall screws to pass through oval perforations, preventing damage to the metal surrounding the cylinder.


Experience. Knowledge. Guidance. Speed Queen Financial Services has the tools to define available financial strategy, whether you’re a first time investor or sophisticated entrepreneur. See for yourself how our progressive programs, successful track record and unbeatable laundry expertise can help you succeed. Visit SpeedQueen.com/finance to learn more.



This classic, easy-to-use all-metal design reduces coin jamming and easily accommodates reprogrammed changes in vend prices.


The dual drop o?ers both single dollar and $.25 options, ideal for larger capacity machines.


We’ll prep your machine for later installation of a card payment system, which increases customer loyalty due to its convenience and helps you avoid transporting large amounts of coins.


In addition to its network capabilities and o?-site management features, Quantum™ Gold o?ers additional owner and customer bene?ts such as PC/PDA programming and machine audit capabilities, as well as time-of-day pricing of up to a year in advance, a free “lucky cycle” for loyal customers and the ability to interface with the store owner’s card manufacturer of choice. As gas prices continue to rise, Quantum Gold enables you to set dry cycle times right down to the second for maximum pro?tability.


Our Micro-Display Control (MDC) clearly displays the vend price and keeps customers informed throughout the drying process with cycle status lights and a digital cycle countdown. Interfacing with a variety of aftermarket card reader systems, MDC o?ers four cycle selections, basic audit features and comes installed with a single coin drop.






Quantum Gold, MDC


Dry Capacity- lb (kg)


50 (22.7)


Filling Ratio - lb (kg)


20:1 = 58 (26.4)


Width - in (mm)


38 5/8" (981)


Depth - in (mm)


48.25" (1226)


Height - in (mm)


76 5/8" (1946)


Cylinder Depth - in (mm)


30" (762)


Cylinder Diameter - in (mm)


37” (939)


Cylinder Volume - cu. ft. (liters)


18.6 (528)


Door Opening Size - in (mm)


26 7/8" (683)


Airflow - cfm (liter/sec)


60Hz: 750 (354) 50Hz: 750 (354)


Air Outlet Diameter - in (mm)


8” (203)


Energy Data                       Gas






60Hz - 130,000 Btu/hr (38.1 kW) 50Hz - 130,000 Btu/hr (38.1 kW)

At 100 psi (6.9 bar): 5.1 BHP, 178,000 Btu/hr (52.0 kW)

30 kW


Electrical Specifications              Gas and Steam 120/60/1; 2W+G

200-208/240/60/1; 2W+G 200-208/240/60/3; 3W+G 380/60/3; 3W+G

(Steam Only) 440/60/3; 3W+G 460–480/60/3; 3W+G 230–240/50/1; 2W+G 200/50/3; 3W+G 230–240/50/3; 3W+G 380/400–415/50/3; 3W+G Electric

200–208/60/3; 3W+G 240/60/3; 3W+G 380/60/3; 3W+G 440/60/3; 3W+G 480/60/3; 3W+G

(21kW heater only) 240/50/1; 2W+G 200/50/3; 3W+G 230/50/3; 3W+G 240/50/3; 3W+G 380/50/3; 3W+G

400–415/50/3; 3W+G


Amps 9.3 5.1/5.1

2.8/2.8 (4.0/4.0) 1.6 (2.0)

1.4 (1.9) 1.4 (1.9) 6.3 (6.9) 3.3 (4.2) 3.1 (4.3)

1.6/1.6 (2.0/2.0)


89 (88) 79 (78) 47 (48) 41 (41) 38 (38) 93 (95) 84 (85) 73 (75) 79 (78) 47 (48) 43 (44)


Motor Size - HP (W)                                 Fan Cylinder


1/2 (375) 1/2 (375)


Plumbing Connections                             Gas Steam


1/2" - NPT 3/4" - NPT


Shipping Dimensions -                          Width Approx. - in (mm)                                 Depth Height


41 1/2" (1054) 52 1/8" (1323) 81" (2057)


Net Weight - lb (kg)


545 (247)


Shipping Weight - lb (kg)


602 (273)


Agency Approvals                                    Gas Australia Gas

Electrical & Steam


CSA Star, CSA Flame, CSA                                CE, Australia Gas

cCSAus, CE




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