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SPEED QUEEN SCN030 HARDMOUNT WASHER-EXTRACTOR FOR 30 LB CAPACITY (120 V, 380-415V, 440-480V, 208-220V / 50.60 HZ)


The on-premises laundry business is changing. Managers today must be flexible in adapting quickly to changes to linen processing formulas

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Quantum™ System

The on-premises laundry business is changing. Managers today must be flexible in adapting  quickly to changes to linen processing formulas, while keeping operating costs within budget. Features that a few years ago were considered luxuries are now essential components to doing business.

Speed Queen’s cutting-edge Quantum™ System gives managers the power to respond instantly to changes in order to produce superior wash quality. Programming ease and user-friendly operation ensure our technology makes your life easier, not more complicated.

Quantum™ Gold Control

Quantum™ Gold offers operations the pinnacle in flexibility with a total of 30 programmable  cycles and

30 programmable water levels. Managers  can easily program their washer-extractors with the aid of a PC or PDA through an infrared connection. This port also is the manager’s glimpse at the laundry operation as machine audit data can be downloaded to a PC or PDA. A maximum extraction speed of 140 G-Force helps commercial laundries rein in energy costs by reducing drying times.

Quantum™ Silver Control

With nine programmable cycles and PC /PDA programming and data retrieval, Quantum™ Silver gives owners plenty of flexibility. A maximum extract speed of 100 G-Force keeps loads moving smoothly through the laundry .

Quantum™ Standard Control

For operations requiring basic versatility, Quantum™ Standard comes with four cycle selections and a maximum extraction speed of 85 G-Force. The Quantum™ Standard control also boasts a digital display with cycle time countdown, a feature most of our competition doesn’t offer with its basic controls.

Classic Durability

For more than 100 years, the Speed Queen name has been synonymous with quality construction. That reputation continues today. All our SC models are built on the proven Gamma A-Frame design for extreme durability. In addition, Speed Queen uses stainless steel inner and outer tubs and adds a high quality stainless steel top for long-lasting defense against corrosive laundry chemicals.


Speed Queen’s new intuitive chemical dispenser is a staff favorite. It enables them to add up to four laundry chemicals at the beginning of the cycle. Then, our machine does the rest, adding the chemicals automatically to the load at exactly the right time. Now, staff will never forget to add the softener.

An Easy Open-and-Shut Case

Not only is the SC’s molded rubber door handle easy to grip, open and close, its durable construction, combined with a rugged-reliable door lock, ensures years of worry-free, dependable operation.

Door Opening

A large door opening makes loading and unloading fast and easy. Our heavy-duty stainless steel door features vacuum tight sealing to keep water inside the machine where it belongs. The door lock, as well as the heat- treated, shatter-proof circular door glass, helps  operators safely view the wash process.

Your Water  Protector

Water is an expensive par t of running an on-premises laundry, and can often be wasted when stuck drain valves are undetected for months. Speed Queen’s advanced leak detection system acts as your laundry’s water protector by monitoring the washer’s drain system. If a leak is detected, staff is alerted to the condition with an indicator light on the display. This protector also monitors for slow drain conditions that can impact cycle time.


The alternate rotating wash action produces excellent finished wash quality without damaging delicate fabrics.

Superior Serviceability

Speed Queen’s removable top and front panels are designed for minimum down time and ease of service. Now troubleshooting electrical systems as well as accessing drain valve components is easier than ever.

Low Water Usage

Water is a precious resource and all Speed Queen SC models are designed to curb its use. With Quantum™ Gold, owners can customize 30 water levels in each wash segment.

Heavy-Duty Bearings and Trunnion Assembly

Bearings are perhaps the most important par t on a washer- extractor and Speed Queen gives them the ultimate in protection with a triple-lip seal.


Capacity - kg (lb)


13.6 (30)




**Overall Depth - mm (in)


878 (34 9/16")




Cylinder Diameter - mm (in)


610 (24")




Cylinder Volume - liters (cu. ft.)


118 (4.19)




Door Bottom to Floor - mm (in)


356 (14")




Drain Diameter - mm (in)


1 @ 52 (2")





2 Speed


F/V Speed


Motor Power Consumption -kW (HP)




Total # of Speeds




6, 8






Cylinder Speeds -RPM (G-Force)







Voltage/Hz # of wires/ Phase/

Circuit Breaker - FLA
















208/220 - 240/60/2/3/1


























X 200-208/220-240/50/60/3/1/3


Width Shipping Dimensions

Approx. - mm (in)



828 (32 1/2")

1014 (39 13/16")

1389 (54 1/2")


Net Weight - kg (lb)


222 (489)




Export Shipping Weight - kg (lb)


269 (593)





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Speed Queen SCN030 HARDMOUNT WASHER-EXTRACTOR FOR 30 lb Capacity (120 V, 380-415V, 440-480V, 208-220V / 50.60 HZ)
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